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Serbian Mint

In Serbia, their Mint is an extension of their National Bank. The Serbian Mint isn’t as well-known as many other World Mints, but they do produce quality products. They print the Bank Notes that are used in Serbia in addition to striking their circulating coins and a few pieces for collectors.

The Serbian Mint offers fewer products than most sovereign Mints. Their lineup is a little narrow, but they do their best to make sure that each product they release is an example of the highest quality they are capable of. Overall, the Serbian Mint has top quality options for both collectors and stackers.

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Serbian Mint Products

Prior to 2018, collectible coins from the Serbian Mint were relatively scarce compared to releases from other Mints. However, they have made efforts to expand their lineup and have come up with some interesting pieces.

Perhaps the most notable of the Serbian Mint’s new products is the Nikola Tesla Bullion series. The first 3 designs of the series were released in 2018. These coins are made of .999 fine silver and weigh 1 troy oz. each. The Nikola Tesla series highlights his most well-known inventions. It began with the Alternating Current design. While these are being released as bullion coins, their mintage is limited and collectors should be aware of them. Mintage of the brilliant uncirculated Alternating Current Nikola Tesla bullion coin was limited to 50,000 pieces. There were also a very limited number of proofs released with this design.

In addition to their flagship Nikola Tesla series, the Serbian Mint also regularly issues a number of products that you would expect from any sovereign Mint. One example of this is their annual proof set. Typically these sets are similar to proof sets offered by the U.S. Mint, they contain proof versions of the year’s circulating coins. However, some sets also include a medal or two, in addition to the proof versions of circulating coins.

Historically, the Serbian Mint has not released many collectible coins, but they have issued commemoratives to mark the anniversaries of major events. Several Nikola Tesla commemoratives have been issued for various anniversaries of his birth.

Serbian Mint Quality

Since the Serbian Mint is responsible for their national coinage, quality control is taken seriously. They have standards that are just as high as other sovereign Mints around the world. If you want to see the kind of quality you can expect from the Serbian Mint, just take a look at the Nikola Tesla Alternating Current 1 oz. silver coin.