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Saint Paul's Mint is a Private Mint located in Birmingham England specializing in the manufacture of proof-like coins, Commemorative Coins, metal tokens, marking punches, embossing dies, electrodes, metal ingots, blanks, custom made stamped parts, small circulation coinage orders, and metal embossed labels. They also act as consultants to the minting industry. The Mint as we know it today was established in 2003, but has roots going back to 1864 when it operated as Saint Paul's Printing & Label Co. Ltd. The mint has an excellent reputation for detail, their meticulous production processes, their high quality products, and their on-time and in-budget deliveries.

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Saint Paul’s Mint offers a full suite of minting services including die manufacturing using a combination of manual engraving and the latest in 3-D computer modeling. They manufacture coin blanks both with and without rimming. They offer a variety of blank planchets to national mints and other coinage operations. These blanks can be coined and packaged on-site. They also have the ability to strike gold, silver or plated coinage and to produce proof and proof-like finishes.

St. Paul’s Mint provides Heritage coins, legal tender coinage to several British Commonwealth Islands, and bullion coins struck from gold, silver and platinum, among their many other services.