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The Royal Mint of Spain is also known as Casa de la Moneda, or the house of money. Unlike the United States Mint, the Royal Mint of Spain is also responsible for producing Spain’s stamps and bank notes. Their main facility is in Madrid. Due to the way that coinage was regulated in Spain’s past, the Royal Mint of Spain is not as old as many expect. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the Royal Mint of Spain was formed. However, this Mint still offers a wide variety of coins for collectors.

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2017 Spain History of the Dollar 1 Kilo Silver Proof €300 Coin NGC PF69 ER
Price: $2,795.00
As low as: $2,712.55

Royal Mint of Spain Coins

Today, Spain is a part of the European Union. This means that they use the Euro for currency. Many of the collectible coins issued by the Royal Mint of Spain are Euro pieces with special designs. These are similar to our U.S proof sets and the occasional design changes we see on circulating coins. These coins have a clad composition.

In addition to their clad coins and sets, the Royal Mint of Spain also strikes some precious metal coins. For example, in 2018 they released a commemorative coin marking the 40th anniversary of Spain’s constitution. Mintage of this piece was limited to 5,000 coins. Each one was made of sterling silver, which has a fineness of .925, and weighed 27 g.

The history of Spain is quite extensive and eventful. Many of the collectible coins struck by the Royal Spanish Mint depict figures or events from their history. The 2018 commemorative for the 1,300th anniversary of the Kingdom of Asturias is a fine example to illustrate just how much history Spain has to offer. The Mint itself is not that old compared to many others around the world, but they have plenty of history to pull from when making coins with a historic themes.

Royal Mint of Spain Quality

Like other sovereign Mints, the Royal Spanish Mint has its own rigorous standards for quality. Any precious metal coins from this Mint can be expected to match the specified weight and purity. Their clad coins can be compared to pieces from any other modern Mint.


The Royal Spanish Mint has plenty to offer collectors who are looking for pieces with a historical theme. They make it a point to offer coins focusing on historical figures and events regularly. The quality of their coins is solid, so you can be sure that any coin you choose from the Royal Mint of Spain will live up to your expectations.