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Situated on the banks of the River Seine in northern France, the city of Rouen has played important roles in the history of the region. During the Middle Ages, the city was the seat of the Exchequer of Normandy, and one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. It was later the seat of the rulers of England and part of what is today France, the Anglo-Norman dynasties. Coins from the Mint at Rouen offer a unique look into the medieval history of what is today Northern France. For a look back in time, consider adding a piece from this little known yet once important Mint.

The city of Rouen was once home to a Mint, and some of the coins that it produced offer fascinating insight into the history of the city and the region. Of particular interest to students of history are the coins struck during the Viking Invasions of 885-889. Pennies struck at the time were underweight relative to pennies produced at other mints. Weighing just 1.4 g rather than the standard 1.8 g of those produced at other Mints at the time, these coins raised flags for researchers who wanted to understand the discrepancy. Around this time, Viking invaders had a semi-permanent base in the Lower Seine Valley, and the discrepancy may be the result of difficulty in striking coins during the occupation or challenges in re-starting minting processes after it. Unfortunately, the dates of the coins from that period cannot be determined with sufficient precision to answer this question.

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