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There are few ancient cultures that have been studied as thoroughly as the Romans. Even today, many around the world are fascinated with the history of ancient Rome and its people. Fortunately, even today, there are a many reminders of their culture including a wide variety of coins. Coins from any of the Roman Mints add character and real history to any collection. Many specimens can be found on the market today. Some of them are made even more appealing by how they were discovered, hoards of Roman coins are still being found today.

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Roman Contributions

Today, many common words across a number of languages have their origin in Roman culture. The words money and mint are included in this. Their origins come from the Roman goddess Juno Moneta.

Types of Roman Coins and Denominations

Quite a number of different coins were struck by the Romans over the centuries. Some of the most well-known types are the Denarius, Solidus, and Aureus. Like other cultures, the Romans struck coins from a variety of metals including Gold, Silver, and copper.

Roman Mint Locations

The boundaries of the Roman Empire itself changed many times throughout history, so it should come as no surprise that the Romans had Mints in many locations. Some of the most well-known Roman Mints include Constantinople, Carthage, and Alexandria.