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Sovereign coins form the foundation for most collectors, but private mints provide additional options. In fact, some collectors prefer to purchase their precious metals from private mints for a variety of reasons. Premiums on private issues are usually, but not always, lower than those offered from government mints. Some love them for their sleek, clean look, while others appreciate the fact that they often have unique inscriptions which collectors cannot get on government issues. Take a look through some of our private mint products and see whether any of them could have a place in your collection.

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Valcambi Mint

One of the most popular private mints is valcambi. Situated in Balerna, Switzerland, the mint has an outstanding reputation for producing cast and minted bars that are simple yet elegant. They also offer combibars, which are unique products that allow owners to divide the bars conveniently. This makes them perfect for gifts, as well as selling or trading portions of a piece without having to part with the entire product.

Sunshine Mint

Another popular option is Sunshine Mint. The Coeur d’Alene, Idaho company supplies the silver planchets that are used by the United States Mint, which is a testimony to their outstanding purification and manufacturing processes. The company is especially well known for its security features. A security feature on the reverse bears the word “VALID,” but that word can only be revealed by a decoder lens that the mint provides. This makes Sunshine Minting products some of the most secure precious metals products in the world. Many collectors also appreciate the company’s attractive, patriotic logo, which consists of an eagle flying against a sunshine backdrop.

Engelhard Corporation

For over a century, Engelhard Corporation produced some of the world’s best-known privately minted bars. The company was acquired by BASF, a Germany company, for $5 billion in 2006. The company has since been rebranded, making Silver bars that bear the Engelhard name all the more attractive for collectors who love American classics. In fact, even many collectors who primarily purchase high-end coins enjoy having at least one bar from this iconic company in their collection.

Golden State Mint

One of the most controversial private mints is Golden State Mint. The mint produces a wide range of products, which include rounds for celebrations, such as Christmas and New Years. It has also released a Crucifixion Silver Round, which has won high acclaim from Christian collectors. It depicts Jesus on the Cross with the letters “INRI” inscribed along the rim. The controversy surrounding the mint stems from the fact that it produces rounds centered on political themes. This includes AG-47 rounds and Bankster Justice rounds. Many collectors love these products, which would be unlikely to be produced by government mints.