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Britain’s Pobjoy Mint is the largest Private Mint in Europe. It is located in Surrey, England just outside of London. It produces commemorative and circulating coins, medals and regalia, tokens, bullion, postage stamps, and jewelry. Notable series struck by the Pobjoy Mint include a series of Commemoratives celebrating Queen Elizabeth II and her notable life events and anniversaries, the wildly popular British Virgin Islands Pegasus series, and the Isle of Man Angelseries. They have a breathtaking tradition of innovation and a proud number of numismatic firsts to their credit.

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Derek Pobjoy founded the company in 1965 after he bought a coin press. The Pobjoy Mint has struck coinage of various types for roughly 20% of the countries in the world. They also enjoy a reputation for excellence as a sub-contractor for many national mints. They produce postage stamps and circulating coinage for seven countries. In addition to striking coins in gold, Silver, and Platinum of varying percentages of purity, the mint developed Virenium, a metal alloy consisting of 81% Copper, 10% Zinc and 9% Nickel which is used in the production of commemorative coins. The company has also created the Manx Noble, a platinum series, and the widely collected Gold Angel series. It also issued the first titanium coin in the world, the 1999 £5 Gibraltar Millennium.

Awards and Firsts

The Pobjoy Mint was awarded its first Coin of the Year Award in 1984. Since that time it has earned dozens of awards and other accolades. Notable firsts include the first silver kilo coin, the Liberia, T-Rex which was issued in 1993, the first black coin, the Isle of Man, Black Penny which was issued in 1990, and more recently, the World’s Highest Relief Coin with the Ascension Island Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which was issued in 2012, among many others. The mint has consistently surpassed itself and the expectations of collectors regarding coin design. This excellence has included multi-alloy coins, stunning finishes, and innovative shapes.

British Virgin Islands

The Pegasus bullion series has been popular with collectors. The series is struck in gold, silver and virenium, the Pobjoy Mint’s proprietary precious metal. The series features the mythic winged horse of Perseus from Greek myth on the reverse. A Pobjoy designed effigy of Her Majesty occupies the obverse. The series is legal tender and is available in a variety of finishes.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency and has been since 1765. It is located in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is an Independent State with Queen Elizabeth II acting as head of state. It has a long history, unique culture, separate Gaelic language, and historic institutions including the oldest parliament in existence. Some of the more widely collected series minted by the Pobjoy Mint for the Isle of Man include the platinum Noble series, Isle of Man Angel Series, and the innovative Penny Black Crown.