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Phoenicia was comprised of city-states in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea around modern Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Additional Phoenician outposts and cities were located in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, Southern Europe and Mediterranean islands.

Phoenicians were a great sea faring people and were noted traders. The primary product they traded was purple dye followed by textiles and glassware. They obtained silver from both Sardinia and the Iberian Peninsula, present day Spain. They spread across the Mediterranean area from 1500 BC to 300 B.C.

Phoenician city-states were each independent and struck their own coinage in silver and bronze. These hand hammered Ancient Coins featured portraits of rulers of the day, patron gods, animals, local symbols, religious landmarks, and temples. Phoenician coinage was high relief and physically resembles Greek Coinage. The coinage of the Phoenicians was struck in Greek denominations or units, like the drachma, and also in Mesopotamian units, like the shekel.

Notable Phoenician Mint operations were located in Motye, Selinonte and Palermo.

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