PAMP precious metals products are among the most sought after privately struck bars and ingots in the industry. They are known not only for their beauty and convenience, but also their security, which includes the incorporation of holographic features to prevent counterfeiting. Whether you are looking for a glistening showcase piece or convenient gift items, you will find just what you need from our PAMP products.

Founded in 1977, PAMP (Produits Arrtistiques Metaux Precieux) took less than four decades to become a global leader in numismatics. It is situated in Ticino, Switzerland, a country that is famous for its wealth and banking. The mint offers gold, silver, and platinum coins, rounds, and bars, including customized products for banks, financial institutions, state mints, and governments. One of the things that sets PAMP apart from most others is its .9999 standard for gold purity. Few government Mints purify gold to that standard.

All PAMP Products

Price: $3,500.00
As low as: $3,396.75
2019 PAMP Lunar Year of the Pig Silver Bar In Assay
Price: $34.95
As low as: $33.92
2018 Niue Year of the Dog 5 oz High Relief Silver Lunar Gilt Proof $8 Coin NGC PF70 UC ER Year of the Dog Label
Price: $888.00
As low as: $861.80
2018 Niue Year of the Dog 5 oz High Relief Silver Lunar Gilt Proof $8 Coin NGC PF69 ER
Price: $369.00
As low as: $358.11

Fortuna Bars

PAMP is best known for its Fortuna ingots, or bars. These bars, which are struck from gold, silver, and platinum, depict the Roman goddess Fortuna, who was considered the goddess of luck. The stunningly beautiful image depicts her in left-side profile wearing a blindfold, which represents her blindness to whom she fortunes, good or bad, she will determine. To the left side of the image is her wheel, which she spins to dole out her favors and plights. Featuring prominently in the image is the cornucopia, from which wealth flows,or as in this depiction, from which coins flow out into her open hands.


These ingots are extremely popular, not only because of their beauty but also because of the convenience that comes with them. The company’s ingots typically come in assay cards, which both protect them and make them easily portable. These cards can easily fit into people’s wallets, making them more conveniently portable than most other types of metals. PAMP also produces sheets of ingots, which include snap-off assay cards that make it easy for collectors to store several conveniently in one place as well as separate them easily when they choose to do so. These sheets are especially useful as gifts, as givers can buy single sheets and divide them however they choose.

Lunar Coins

The Mint has also taken part in some lunar coin series. For example, in 2018 it produced Niue’s Gilt Proof Year of the Dog 5 oz coin. The coin features a German Shephard, a dog known for its loyalty and devotion. The stunningly detailed image shows the animal in an alert pose as he protects his family. While the coin would be a beautiful addition to any lunar series collection, the design itself makes it a great standalone piece as well.

Bullion Bars

For traditional collectors, as well as those who are buying in heavy weights, the Mint also produces cast bullion bars. These bars are “to the point,” as they lack a design. They do, however, have their assay marks, “ASSAYER FONDEUR,” and their weights and purities inscribed on them. The bars are issued in varying weights of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.