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Osbourne Mint is America’s oldest Private Mint . It has operated under a variety of names, including, but not limited to Z Bizbee, Murdock, and ORCO. The Mint’s history is a fascinating study for anyone who is interested in monetary history and historic faith in Paper Money . Osborne Mint has a fascinating history and produces some stunning pieces. Whether you love their products or just the idea of owning something from a historic source, be sure to consider what this Mint has to offer as you grow your collection.

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History of the Osbourne Mint

Opening its doors in 1835, the Osbourne Mint spent its early years filling the gap left by the lack of government issued coinage from 1836-1848. Later in the 19th century, the mint struck campaign buttons for, among others, Abraham Lincoln. During World War II, it produced 2 billion fiber ration tokens, which enabled the government to control how much of certain items, such as gas, sugar, and meat, each family could purchase. Today, the Mint produces one-ounce silver proofs and antique rounds, copper coins and bars, and medallions.

Popular Products from the Osbourne Mine

Offerings from the Osbourne Mint include pieces that replicate iconic coins. The Mint often does this with copper rounds. Among the classic designs that the Mint replicates on copper rounds are James Longacre’s Indian Princess, Bela Lyon Pratt’s Incuse Indian , James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s iconic Liberty design, which bears his name.

The Osbourne Mint has also produced several silver series that have appealed to niche collectors. Star gazers appreciate the Galaxies and Nebulae collection, which features a variety of colorized coins. Collectors with an interest in mythology would do well to consider its Norse Gods collection.