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The New Zealand Mint is the country’s only privately-owned mint. Commonly referred to as “minters of the South Pacific,” the facility produces coins for several Polynesian countries and territories, including Fiji, the Cook Islands, Niue, and Tuvalu, as well as its native land. The mint is not tasked with creating New Zealand dollar coins, as that task is handled by the Royal Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. It does, however, mint bullion and numismatic coins for collectors throughout the world.

From ancient history to modern culture, the New Zealand Mint offers as wide a variety of options as any mint in the world. One thing that makes their products stand out is exceptional quality, which ensures that collectors who order their coins will range from satisfied to elated. Take a look at our New Zealand Mint collection today and you are sure to find one or more pieces that appeal to your interests.

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Bullion Coins

Since the mint produces coins for several countries, it offers a wide selection of bullion options. Among these are the gold and silver coins that is strikes for its home nation. The Gold Kiwi celebrates the bird that is so closely associated with the island country that its people are commonly referred to as “Kiwis.” New Zealand’s silver bullion coin features a fern leaf, another symbol that is closely associated with the country. Both of these coins bear a common obverse design, an outline of the country with four stars, which are similar to those that appear on the country’s flag.

In 2016, the mint was a winner of the New Zealand International Business Awards. One of the ways that it has set itself apart from many of the world’s other top mints is its adoption of the .9999 purity standard for gold coins. Many other mints avoid this standard largely because of the difficulty in working with such fine gold, but the New Zealand Mint rises to the challenge, providing some of the purest gold coins anywhere in the world. It is also known for the outstanding quality of the designs of its coins and the exceptional execution of each of them.

Perhaps the most popular annual bullion series that the mint produces every year is the Niue Taku. The series was originally issued by Fiji since 2014. Issued in several silver sizes and one-ounce gold, the coin depicts a Hawksbill turtle swimming in shallow waters. The stunning detail of the design brings to life the waters of the South Pacific, making the holder feel its warm waters on their face as they snorkel above the fascinating sea creature.

Fan Favorites

The mint is also known for one-off bullion issues that appeal to collectors with specific interests. Gold and Silver bullion coins features Darth Vader of Star Wars fame and Disney character Scrooge McDuck are two recent examples. These coins have large mintages, but their quality is outstanding. Both coins were produced in large quantities, making them readily available for collectors on all budgets. They are legal currency in Niue.


While the mint’s bullion issues form a solid foundation for its popularity, its numismatic issues attract collectors with particular interests from around the world. One of the most popular themes is Disney. No fewer than nine Disney-themed collections have been struck at the mint in recent years. One of the most popular of these series is Mickey Through the Ages. Struck from both silver and gold, these coins feature images of the world’s favorite mouse in several of his most notable roles. The most famous of these is his role in Fantasia. The coin shows him wearing a sorcerer’s hat with one of the famous brooms carrying buckets of water. Another Disney collection featured the most famous princesses from some of its cinematic hits.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Fans of science fiction also have more than a few options from the mint thanks to series celebrating Star Wars and Star Trek. The Star Wars issues in particular feature a variety of classic and recent themes from the series. One of these coins depicts Yoda focusing as he raises the X-Wing Fighter from a swamp in The Empire Strikes Back. A more recent subject is Darth Maul, who featured in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Collectors looking for something different for their collections can not only pick up Star Wars-themed coins but also get the gold and silver colorized foils from the mint.

Honoring The Past

Although many of the mint’s series celebrate popular culture, others provide fantastic options for history buffs, especially those with an interest in military history. Battles that Changed History collection marks some of the turning points in Western civilization. The collection runs the gamut from the Battle of Marathon in ancient Greece to the Battle of Midway, one of the most important encounters of the Second World War. The Warriors of History collection appeals to a similar audience, recognizing such powerful fighting forces as the Spartans and the Huns.