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There are many sovereign Mints that produce bullion, but a considerable number of private Mints exist as well. Monarch Precious Metals is a private mint that is based in the United States with a headquarters in Oregon. Monarch Precious Metals offers a variety of impressive and intriguing bullion products. They emphasize quality and artistic value. Products from Monarch are an excellent choice if you want to add something unique to your collection.

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Monarch Precious Metals Products

Monarch has been producing bullion products since 2008. They actually specialize in hand-poured bullion products. These products are unlike the bars and Rounds that are struck by other private Mints. Bars and rounds that are struck, are produced using modern technology and therefore, each one is exactly the same as the one that was struck before it. However, with hand-poured pieces there is some amount of variation with each one. Hand-poured bullion products are more artistic in nature and are typically seen as a work of art. The variation from piece to piece makes each one unique. The bars offered by Monarch Precious Metals are hand-poured like many of their other products.

However, it would be a disservice to simply say that Monarch has a variety of hand-poured bullion products. Monarch takes full advantage of the artistic creativity that is possible with this type of product. For example, they have also released a number of hand-struck silver rounds with a variety of themes. The fact that they were struck by hand gives them a number of visual similarities to coins of the past, although the quality is much better.

In addition to their impressive lineup of hand-poured bullion products, Monarch Precious Metals also has a series of Building Blocks. These bullion products come in a variety of weights and as the name implies, they can be built together. They can simply be placed on top of one another, or they can be built into structures like building block toys. You can quite literally build a wall of silver bullion with Monarch’s Building Blocks.

Monarch Quality

The vast majority of Monarch’s bars and rounds are either hand-poured or hand-stamped, so a lot of focus goes into the artistic quality of the pieces. This emphasis shows in the superb appearance of their finished products. Regardless of which Monarch product you choose, all of them boast a minimum fineness of .999.