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While the Mint of Poland is often overlooked by today’s collectors, those who do take the time to familiarize themselves with what it has to offer, are often enamored with what they discover. Not only does it offer coins that cater to interests that are often not served by other Mints, but it also presents some beautiful pieces that bring color to gold coins, something seldom done by better known Mints. Consider adding some variety to your collection with one or more options from the Mint of Poland.

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2017 Republic of Cameroon 200th Anniversary of NY Stock Exchange 8 oz Silver Colorized Glow in the Dark Proof Fr10,000 Coin GEM Proof OGP
Price: $875.00
As low as: $849.19

History of the Mint of Poland

Stanisław August Poniatowski won the 1764 Royal Election in Poland. One of his first tasks was to reform the monetary system and establish a new Mint. The new monetary reforms came into effect along with the foundation of the new Mint on February 10, 1766. Thirty years later, the Warsaw Mint was closed for fourteen years following the Third Partition of Poland. It resumed operation in 1810, but was shut down by Tsarist authorities in 1868, with the Mint’s equipment then brought to St. Petersburg. The Mint of Poland reopened in 1924, only to be occupied by German authorities in 1939-1940. Those authorities confiscated its precious metals, but the Mint struck zinc coins until 1944, when it was blown up by retreating Germans. Again, the Mint reopened in 1945. It was relocated in 1952, but its coins did not bear the name of the country, “Republic of Poland,” or the national emblem until 1990. Today, the Mint is known for producing some of the most technologically advanced coins in the world and strikes coins not only for Poland, but also for several other countries.

Religious Themes

One popular theme for the country’s modern coins is religion. This is not surprising given that the Catholic country was the native land of Pope John Paul II . One example of this is the Saints of Orthodox Series, which includes the 2008 Gold Proof Saint Sergey Radonezhsky. Issued by the Republic of Belarus, the coin was struck from .3 troy oz. of .900 fine gold. St. Surgey is on the obverse wearing traditional garb. The ornate designs on either side of him include four zircons, two red and two green, that bring life to the coin.

Sports Themes

A silver series from the same year celebrates the Kings of Football. Perfect for fans of the beautiful game, the series honors some of the of the game’s greats, including Pele, Eusebio, Johan Cruyff, and Franz Beckenbauer. The series is divided between Niue and the Republic of Armenia. Each coin features a portrait of one of the legends along with their signature, an inscription of their name, and a colorized image with a soccer ball and the colors of their national flag in the background.

Lunar Coins

The Mint of Poland also releases a Lunar series. While many Mints issue Lunar Coins to mark the lunar calendar, fewer series are available to mark the Western zodiac. Accordingly, the stunning gold and silver zodiac collections have a unique appeal to collectors who take an interest in astrology.