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The Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint dominate Australia’s modern minting, but that has not always been the case. Melbourne Mint has a fascinating history that ties in closely with the history of its native Australia. It began operating in 1872 as a brand of Britain’s Royal Mint. Consider adding a piece of Australia’s history from the Melbourne Mint to your collection.

Significant Issues

For collectors of Precious Metals the gold sovereigns and half sovereigns would be ideal options. The historic series feature St. George and the Dragon on the reverse, and the reigning British monarch at the time of issue on the obverse. Those struck in Melbourne are easily identifiable thanks to their “M” mint marks. For currency collectors, the 1921/22 threepence over date, the 1930 penny, and the 1923 half-penny would be prized for their rarity.

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History of the Melbourne Mint

For decades, it struck just two coins: gold sovereigns and half sovereigns. In 1916, that changed with the transfer of production of Australia’s national currency from London to Australia. The Mint struck pre-decimal currency through 1964 and then began striking, along with the new Royal Australian Mint, the new decimal currency in 1965. That currency debuted in circulation in 1966. Just four years later, Queen Elizabeth II declared that Melbourne Mint would cease to be a brand of the Royal Mint, and the doors were shut

The facility opened its doors again in 2012 under the operation of the Australian Bullion Company. Today, it functions as a precious metals trading company. It is also a founder of Meld, a digital currency that is backed by gold.