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B.H. Mayer Mint was founded by Bernard Henrix Mayer in Germany in 1871. Today it enjoys a stellar reputation for technological prowess and leadership in the production of Medals, Commemorative Coinage, and contract minting. It remains today under the steadfast leadership of the Mayer family, five generations after founding.

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The Mayer Mint produces medallions and commemorative coinage made of gold, silver and other precious metals. They have a history of innovation and can produce products in a variety of finishes, from low to ultra high relief, and can incorporate elements not traditionally included on coins and medals.

Iconic Themes and Series

These numismatic products are designed and prepared by the company on behalf of nations, banks and issuing authorities all over the world. The products are distributed to, and enjoyed by, coin and medal collectors on a global basis. Previous issues have used Mahatma Gandhi, former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Diana Princess of Wales, Mother Theresa, and Pope John Paul II as obverse subjects. They produced the notable Gold Mongolian Nature series which incorporated a modern silhouette of an animal and its habitat, in a unique, cut-out shape.