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Lyon Mint operated in Ludgunum, as it was then known, from the first century BC to the early fifth century AD, which made it a witness to and a participation in some of the most important periods in the history of Western Civilization. There were some gaps in this time period, especially in the third century. The mint operated under such pivotal reigns as Caesar Augustus, Gaius (Caligula), Nero, Diocletian, and Constantine. During the reigns of Augustus, Tiberius, and Gaius, the mint struck gold and silver coins, and it released copper allow pieces through the reigns of Nero and the Flavians. Lyon Mint provides a fascinating look into the ancient world. Its coins not only have strong ties to the Roman Empire and Gaul, i.e. modern-day France, but also with Britain. If you have an interest in those places and civilizations, consider picking up some coins from this mint as you grow your collection.

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Examples of Coins

Today, there are several examples of coins struck at Lyon Mint that remain in excellent condition. One example is a 3.78 g AR Denarius, which features Augustus on the obverse and a bull on the reverse. Dated to approximately 15 BC, the coin is today valued at nearly $4000. Issues from the fourth century, the mint’s peak, typically featured the reigning emperor on the obverse and a Roman god on the reverse. These gods remained on the coinage even after the conversion of the Empire to Christianity.