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Ancient Lycia and its culture are not well-known by many today. Although this culture lasted for centuries, few are familiar with the contributions they left behind. Modern collectors of Ancient Coins often take interest in individual specimens because of the history behind them, and today even Lycian coins can be found on the market. The coins of ancient Lycia are a reminder of a culture that has largely been lost to time. You can be sure these coins will look great in your collection if you’re interested in ancient cultures.

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Lycia and the Lycian League

Little is known about the original people that inhabited the area of ancient Lycia. This society dates back to the fifteenth century B.C. What is known about them has come from the writings of other cultures who were familiar with them. The area of Lycia can be found in Turkey. Eventually, Lycia became a part of the Roman Empire as the Lycian League.

Lycian Coins

Many of the coins that are available today that are known as Lycian, come from its time in the Roman Empire as the Lycian League. Many of the available ancient coins of Lycia are Roman drachms. The current quality and availability of these specimens varies, that’s to be expected for any type of ancient coin.