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Kremnica Mint has roots that go back to the fourteenth century. It first opened in 1328 upon the city’s promotion to the status of a free royal town by Charles Robert of Anjou, King of Hungary. Throughout its history, the mint has struck several types of coins, with the most famous likely being the Ducat. 21.5 million of these coins with a melt value of over three billion USD have been struck at the mint. The facility remained open until its machinery was moved to Budapest at the end of World War I. Shortly thereafter, the Czechoslovak government began work on new machinery for the mint. Since then, the mint has produced coinage for Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, and 25 other countries. Today, it is owned by the Slovak government.

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Ducats were issued in gold and silver.These coins were used regularly in commerce throughout Europe from the late Middle Ages until the 20th century. While some ducats had high mintages, others had mintages of under 100 pieces. For collectors looking for historic coins from Kremnica Mint, these coins would make great options.

Collectors looking for more recent issues may consider the Ritual Masks Regions of the World Series. Issued in 1/10 oz and 1 oz gold, as well as 1 oz silver, these coins feature masks worn in different countries along with the national flags. The silver pieces are colorized.

With an 800-year history, Kremnica Mint is a mark of stability in a region of change. Whether you want a historic connection to Europe’s past or a unique modern issue, a coin from this mint could be a great addition to your collection.