The Korean Minting and Security Printing Corporation, otherwise known as KOMSCO, began operations during the Korean War on October 1, 1951. Their main focus is not only on minting coinage, but also on printing paper money, stamps, and securities. They also produce identification and security products with an emphasis on anti-counterfeiting technology. They are a contract Mint and have produced coinage and other products for over 40 nations.

They established a technologically advanced production facility in Gyeongsan in 1975. They produce circulation coinage, commemorative coinage, medals, cultural artifacts and bullion products, including their .9999 fine gold Orodt bars, both for domestic and international markets.

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2019 South Korea 1 oz Silver Tiger Medal GEM BU

Chiwoo Cheongwang Silver Bullion Medals

The most popular product produced by KOMSCO for Western coin collectors is the Chiwoo Cheonwang Silver bullion series. Introduced in 2016, the Chiwoo Cheongwang series features everything that collectors want in a modern bullion series: a compelling story, annually changing designs, high purity and low mintages. Chiwoo himself is recognized today as a mythic tribal leader and God of War.

Tiger Bullion Medals

Introduced in 2016, the Tiger Bullion Series is available in both gold and silver, in a variety of sizes, and in proof and standard uncirculated finishes. The Tiger is a symbol of the Republic of Korea and has deep cultural significance to the Korean people. It is seen as a symbol of power and grace.

Orodt Gold Bars

The KOMSCO Orodt brand gold bars are produced in .9999 pure gold and are enhanced with anti-counterfeiting measures.