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Coins from Judea

Coins from Judea often have special significance for casual and avid collectors alike, thanks to Biblical References. For example, Jesus told the parable of the Widow’s Mite, a coin of little market value, in which a poor widow gave two mites as a tithe. Jesus said that the contribution was more than anyone else had given because it was all that she had, as opposed to just a portion of it.

Other Judean coins offer insight into Jewish life and tradition. For example, the Bronze Prutah of Hyrcanus I was struck in the first and second century BC. The coin features important Jewish symbols, including a cornucopia, which symbolizes an abundant harvest with which God may grace the Jewish people.

For collectors who seek connection with the ancient past, perhaps no coins offer better opportunities than those from Judea. They not only provide physical connections with one of the world’s most important places and times, but often also offer spiritual ones. Consider adding one or more from the region as you grow your collection.