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Huguenin Frères had humble beginnings. In 1868, Fritz Huguenin and Guillocheur Albert, his brother, set up a workshop to design watch cases. The company has undergone a number of changes in the century and a half since that start, including adapting to the switch from pocket watches to wristwatches as the dominant timepieces. To this day, the business continues to make gold, silver, bronze, and brass products that celebrate human achievement and mark important historical events. All of those products are still made by hand, giving the company’s pieces a personal touch that few mints in the modern world offer.

From history and culture to natural beauty, Huguenin Frères features stunning imagery on its unique offerings. Don’t overlook what this relatively obscure mint has to offer as you grow your collection.

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In recent years, the Mint has produced unique products for several countries, including China, the Republic of Congo, and Thailand. A bar that it produced for China is fascinating, in that it combines unique elements of Chinese culture and brings them to the holder in vivid four-color printing. The bar has a 50 yuan face value.

Bird lovers may appreciate the stunning hologram coin that it produced for Congo in 2000. A beautiful blue bird is depicted in segments with its wings spread upward, while a proud lion stands on the obverse.

The Mint’s Thailand issues take a different approach from the previous two pieces and celebrate some of the country’s military leaders.