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The Highland Mint opened in the early 1980s in Melbourne, Florida. It is one of the most reputable private mints in the United States. The 40,000 square foot facility mints rounds in a variety of metals, with gold, silver, and bronze being the most popular. In addition to minting rounds, it also offers custom cards and memorabilia, which is one of the reasons that it is officially licensed by North America’s four leading sports leagues, the MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL.

The Highland Mint is American not only in location but also in ethos. Its products provide a fantastic service to collectors by enabling those on tight budgets and those who are diligent about accumulating as much silver as possible to enjoy classic American designs. Whether you consider yourself a patriotic American or just a collector who would like to admire some iconic designs in shiny new silver, a browse through our Highland Mint products is all but certain to uncover a few pieces that should be in your collection.

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Silver Rounds

Some of the most popular rounds created by the mint are silver bullion rounds with the designs of classic coins from American history. One of the most popular such products is the Morgan Round, which features the designs of what may be the most popular coin in American history. Buffalo Nickel Round and Incuse Indian Head designs are two other examples. While the designs of these rounds mirror those that appeared on the original coins, the inscriptions are changed to account for the fact that they are not currency. Stars are often added where text would otherwise be as well. The rounds provide silver stackers with the opportunity to collect their favorite metal at bullion rates while enjoying some of the most significant designs from American numismatic history.

Lunar Year of the Horse Round

In 2014, the mint also partook in a popular theme with Year of the Horse silver rounds and bars. While most other mints that have lunar series issues release them every year, the Highland Mint made it a one year only issue. Since the animal is loved not only by riding enthusiasts, but also by those who are enamored with its power, grace, and loyalty, these became a popular collectible from a mint that focuses primarily on bullion.

Uncle Sam Rounds

The mint also marked an important date in American history with an Uncle Sam Round to mark the centennial anniversary of the iconic poster’s debut. The poster was made to recruit Americans into military service when the United States got involved in the First World War. The round’s obverse features the image of Uncle Sam pointing at the onlooker, in this case holder, with the words “I WANT YOU” set to the right. Rim inscriptions read “100TH ANNIVERSARY” and “1917-2017.” An American flag blows in the wind on the reverse. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and an inscription with the weight and purity of the round are included on the rim frame.