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Elemetal Mint is a quality private Mint based in the United States that produces a variety of bullion products for nearly any purpose. Their ultra-high relief silver rounds, such as the American Landmark and Privateer series, were highly popular and have been a hit with collectors and stackers alike. It’s this type of product that you won’t see from every private Mint on the market. When it comes to eye appeal and providing unique, collectible, products, Elemetal has done a sterling job.

Elemetal Mint Rounds and Other Products

Elemetal produces a variety of bullion products like most private mints. There are a few specific products that really brought Elemetal a higher level of popularity in recent years. These include Elemetal’s ultra-high relief silver rounds.

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Elemetal Quality

Elemetal gained popularity by making their products more appealing. The Privateer and American Landmark ultra-high relief silver rounds are simply stunning to see. There are times when you’re looking for the most value possible, but at other times it’s nice to add some additional beauty to your stack or collection.

Initially, they began making stand-out products with the pirate themed Privateer series of silver rounds. Each of these ultra-high relief rounds was made of .999 fine silver. What gave the Mint the flexibility to add such high relief was the fact that these are 2 oz. rounds as opposed to the standard 1 oz. The ultra-high relief made the details of the designs really jump out and their 2 oz. weight allowed them to make the relief quite extreme. They took full advantage of this and made the designs as detailed as possible. The Privateer series of silver rounds was a big success and they were well-received by both stackers and collectors. The ultra-high relief and impressive designs were coupled with limited mintages to make them more appealing to collectors.

On top of the highly popular Privateer series of silver rounds, Elemetal also released the American Landmark series. The same key features such as ultra-high relief, impressively detailed designs, and limited mintages were applied to this series. In addition to these top products, Elemetal also produced a number of standard bullion products. These include silver bars of various sizes and 1 oz. Silver Rounds.