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Situated in the Ural Mountains, Ekaterinburg, sometimes spelled “Yekaterinburg,” experienced rapid growth starting in the 1720s. Situated on the Iset River, the city’s plant opened in 1723 to produce iron, cast iron, and copper and gave birth to the new city. It served as a mining capital and was strategically located as a center between East and West, Asia, and Europe.

Two years after the plant opened, Ekaterinburg Mint followed suit. It produced heavy copper plates known as “plateau,” which were valued according to their weight. Starting in 1735, the Mint began producing all of Russia’s copper coins. Production dropped from 100% of Russia’s copper coins to 80% of them over time. A century and a half after it opened, the mint ceased operations in June 1876.

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Important Pieces of History

Some of the that the Mint is well known for are the 1 Denga, or ½ Kopek, the 1 kopek, and the 2 Kopek that were issued from 1741-1761. That period covered the reign of the 6th Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. The obverses of these coins featured crowned monograms encircled by wreaths. The reverse features a theme that is familiar to collectors of English coins: St. George on horseback slaying a dragon, which represents the Devil.

Several other coins were issued over the Mint’s century and a half history. They tell the story of one of the world’s great powers at an important period in its development. Whether you have a particular interest in Russian history or like to collect a variety of pieces from important times and places in world history, consider adding a piece from Ekaterinburg Mint to your collection.