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Swiss banks are known all over the world for their stability and care for their clients. Perhaps no name is more prevalent among them, than Credit Suisse. Operating in over fifty countries, the financial institution specializes in serving corporate, institutional, and government clients, as well as high net worth individuals. The bank has been operating since 1856 and has since grown to a leader in global banking. Known throughout the world for gold and banking, Switzerland has a reputation that is unmatched in the financial world. Elegant in their simplicity, the bullion bars of Credit Suisse are perfect for collectors who are primarily interested in security and stability.

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Popular Products

Among the many products that the bank offers are bullion bars. The bars are struck in the leading four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The most popular of their products are Statue of Liberty bars, which feature one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Liberty stands facing the holder on the reverse with the seven rays of her crown extending outwards, representing the hope that freedom spread through the seven seas and the seven continents. Each of these bars has the word “LIBERTY” inscribed on it, just like coins from the US Mint. The bars are fitting symbols of the country in which their issuer is located, which is known for freedom in banking.

The obverse of the Liberty bars follows the standard format for the obverse of other bars from Credit Suisse. They feature the mint’s name at the top. That is followed by its weight and purity and the Essayeur Fondeur stamp. The bottom of each bar features its unique serial number.