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City of Tomis

The Greeks founded Tomas around the year 600 BC to facilitate trade with Getic communities in the area. Tome took over the city in 29 BC, renaming it Limes Scythicus. The Emperor Augustus banished Ovid to the city in 8 AD. The poet did not have a high opinion of the city, calling it “a town located in a war-stricken wasteland on the remotest margins of the empire.” Today, the city is known as Constanta. It is the oldest populated city in Romania. In spite of its relative obscurity, the Mint in Tomis provides a connection with one of the lesser known parts of the ancient world, including one in which one of history’s most famous poets spent time. Consider interacting with the ancient numismatic world with a piece from this unique Mint.

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Prominent Themes

While relatively little is known about the Mint, what is known, is that it paid both witness and homage to some of the most important figures of the ancient world. Perhaps the most significant of these is Alexander the Great, who reigned as King of Macedonia from 336-323 BC. The Mint produced several Tetradrachm during his reign. Perhaps the most famous among them depicts Heracles with a lion scalp on the obverse and Zeus, the famous God, on the reverse.Another famous figure whose coins the Mint struck was Caligula. Caligula was known for his sober and moderate reign… which lasted six months and preceded the rest of his infamous reign, for which he is better known.