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The Bern Mint produces coins for Switzerland. It is sometimes simply referred to as the Swiss Mint, it is located in the city of Bern. This Mint strikes many circulating coins, as well as bullion coins and commemoratives. The Swiss Mint offers some unique coins unlike those issued by any other nation. If folk heroes and foreign cultures intrigue you, be sure to check out coins from the Bern Mint.

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Swiss Mint History

The history of the Bern Mint isn’t quite as extensive as some other sovereign Mints. It was founded in 1848, so it’s actually a few decades younger than the US Mint. Today, the Swiss Mint mainly strikes circulating coins for Switzerland, but they have not forgotten about collectors.

Coins from the Bern Mint

If you know anything about Switzerland, then you probably know about the folk hero William Tell. The Bern Mint regularly issues coins depicting the legendary marksman and they are quite popular. Shooting Thalers are released annually to honor shooting festivals or “Schützenfest,” that are held in rotating cantons of Switzerland. In 2018, there were also commemorative coins issued celebrating the Swiss Army Knife.

Like the US Mint, the Swiss Mint offers annual coin sets. These are made up of the circulating Swiss franc coins from that year. They are quite similar to our U.S. Mint sets.

Swiss Mint Quality

Since the Bern Mint is a sovereign Mint, strict quality control measures are in place, not just to protect customers, but also to discourage counterfeiting.