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Bavarian State Mint

The Bavarian Mint, which is also referred to as the Bavarian State Mint, is located in Germany. Today, they strike coins for a number of countries around the world. They even mint some bullion coins that are growing in popularity.

All Bavarian State Mint Products

2018 Somalia 1 Kilo Silver Elephant Sh2,000 Coin NGC MS70 ER
Price: $1,295.00
As low as: $1,256.80
2017 Somalia 1 oz Silver Elephant - Denver ANA Privy Prooflike 100S Coin NGC PL69 ER
Price: $89.00
As low as: $86.37
2016 Somalia 1 oz Platinum Elephant Proof-Like Sh1,000 Coin NGC PL70 Exclusive African Elephant Label
Price: $2,500.00
As low as: $2,426.25

Bavarian State Mint History

The history of the Bavarian State Mint can be traced all the way back to 1158, which makes it quite old for a minting facility. It has actually been involved in many historic events over the centuries. Today, this facility is a sovereign Mint.

Modern Bavarian Mint Coins

The most well-known bullion coin that is struck by the Bavarian State Mint today is the Somalian Elephant Series. These coins have been well-received by collectors and stackers around the world. This bullion series is known for its annually changing elephant design.

Since the Bavarian State Mint is government owned, it also produces circulating coinage. Today, this includes Euro coins with a number of denominations. These coins are used throughout a number of European countries.

Product Quality

To see the level of quality one can expect from the Bavarian State Mint, look no further than the Somalian Elephant series of bullion coins. These are a prime example. The designs are highly detailed and the coins are very well struck.


The Bavarian Mint offers a number of unique and appealing coins. However, bullion coins from the Bavarian Mint may go unrecognized without some background information, because many of them are issued for other countries.