Home Tags Holiday Sale Macedon, Silver Tetradrachm Of Philip III (323-317 BC) - NGC Ch.XF (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5)

Macedon, Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III (323-317 BC) - NGC Ch.XF (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5)

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Macedon, Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III (323-317 BC) - NGC Ch.XF (Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5)

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Why purchase this ancient Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III?

Arrhidaeus, as half-brother to Alexander the Great, was a logical successor to rule the Greek Kingdom of Macedonia, but considered mentally unfit to hold the title. Assuming the name Philip III, he was proclaimed king as a figurehead only, while Alexander's generals divided the Kingdom into five separately ruled empires. Struck 323-317 BC, this Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III weighs 17.17 grams, measuring approximately 25 mm in diameter.

Prominent Figures of Greek Mythology

The skin of the Nemean Lion is draped over the head Heracles on the obverse. Heracles, son of Zeus, is known for strength, courage and ingenuity, and is considered as both a hero and a god in Greek mythology, which are the attributes of a demi-god.

Zeus, the king of the gods, is depicted on the reverse, seated left facing on throne with the symbolic items of an eagle and scepter in hand. The image is accompanied by a monogram in left field which includes an additional symbol associated with Zeus, a thunderbolt.

Graded Choice Extremely Fine

NGC Ancients, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin specialists, graded this 323-317 BC Silver Tetradrachm of Macedonian King Philip III to be Ch. XF, Choice Extremely Fine. Additionally graded 5/5 for strike characteristics and 4/5 for condition of surface, this superbly struck coin, with a Sheldon Scale equivalent of 45, features complete image details with light wear evident on the highest surfaces.

Add this beautifully struck example of a Macedonian Silver Tetradrachm of Philip III to your collection!

Year of Issue:323-317 BC
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch XF