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Lycia, Silver Drachm of the Lycian League (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - obv. Apollo/rv. Cithara NGC Ch.AU

Lycia, Silver Drachm of the Lycian League (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - obv. Apollo/rv. Cithara NGC Ch.AU
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Why add this 2nd-1st Centuries BC Silver Drachm of the Lycian League to your ancient coin collection?

Lycia was a region of Anatolia, currently recognized as the southern coast of Turkey. Citizens of the region are best known for their creation of the Lycian League, the world's earliest known system of democratic government. The League included elected representatives from each of the twenty-three member city-states; with the number of representatives determined by population proportion. The elected representatives met in the city-state of Patara, choosing a leader amongst themselves to hold the title of "Lyciarch." This Silver Drachm minted in the city-state of Limyra in the 2nd-1st Centuries BC features a common design struck on the coinage of the Lycian League.

Imagery Associated with the God Apollo

This obverse features the laureate head of Apollo facing right. The reverse depicts a Cithara within an incuse square. The cithara was an ancient stringed musical instrument created by Apollo. The inscription above represents "Lycia" with the initials of Limyra in the fields.

Graded Choice About Uncirculated by NGC Ancients

This Silver Drachm of the Lycian League is graded Ch. AU, Choice About Uncirculated, by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin grading division, NGC Ancients. The beautiful coin, struck 2nd-1st Centuries BC, exhibits incredible design details, with some traces of wear on the highest points, similar to a coin earning a Sheldon Scale grade of 55-58.

Add this impressively graded Lycian League Silver Drachm to your ancient coin collection! Purchase this coin struck by the first known democratic civilization from MCM!

Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. AU