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Set of 8 - 1969-D $1 Federal Reserve Note Consecutive Serial Numbers

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Set of 8 - 1969-D $1 Federal Reserve Note Consecutive Serial Numbers

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Why Purchase This Set of 8 1969D $1 Notes with Consecutive Serial Numbers?

The United States $1 note is widely used today and has been a part of American daily life for many years. Today, many of these notes have to be removed from circulation after a few years due to damage or wear. The $1 federal reserve notes in this set are from the 1969D series.

1969D $1 Federal Reserve Note Design

The design of the $1 federal reserve note hasn't changed since the early 1960s. The design is actually quite old considering a number of other denominations have recently been updated. George Washington is depicted at the center of the design, the seal and serial numbers are printed in green ink.

The reverse of each note in this set shows the same design that can be found on other $1 federal reserve notes in circulation today. This design depicts the Great Seal of the United States.

Set of 8 with Consecutive Serial Numbers

There are 8 notes in this set. They have not been certified by a third-party service, but these notes have consecutive serial numbers.

Order while it's available, this set of 8 1969D $1 federal reserve notes with consecutive serial numbers could be yours.

Year of Issue:1969
Mint:U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Mint Mark:D
Quantity:Set of 8
Grading Service:Uncertified
Designation:Consecutive Serial Numbers
Finish:Mint State
Country:United States
Legal Tender:United States