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Judaea, Bronze Prutah of First Jewish-Roman War (AD 66-70) - obv. Amphora/rv. Vine Leaf NGC F

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Judaea, Bronze Prutah of First Jewish-Roman War (AD 66-70) - obv. Amphora/rv. Vine Leaf NGC F

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Why add this Judaea Prutah struck during the First Jewish Revolt to your collection?

The Great Revolt (First Revolt) between the Jews of Judaea Province and the Roman Empire began in A.D. 66. The result of the war was devastating to the Jews, not only for the number of lives lost, but for the destruction of their most sacred Second Temple. This First Revolt Prutah was struck from AE, which refers to a base metal or alloy, in this case bronze. The coin measures about 18mm in diameter, with a weight of approximately 3-4g.

Symbolic imagery

The obverse features a lidded amphora with a broad rim and two handles, surrounded by an inscription in Paleo-Hebrew representing the year within the First Revolt in which the coin was struck. The reverse depicts a vine leaf on a branch with a curling tendril, accompanied by the Paleo-Hebrew inscription which translates as "For the freedom of Zion." First Jewish Revolt Prutah of this design were struck during the second and third years of the war.

Judaea Prutah authenticated and graded by NGC

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this Judaea Bronze Prutah, struck A.D. 66-70, during the period of the First Revolt, to be Fine. The coin will exhibit sharp lettering and some design detail in deeply recessed areas. The coin is well worn from circulation, with mostly even wear over the surface of the coin.

Add this coin struck during Judaea's First Revolt against the Roman Empire to your collection!

Year of Issue:66-70
Mint:Judaea Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Finish:Mint State