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Israel, Random Silver Shekel (1948-Present)

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Israel, Random Silver Shekel (1948-Present)

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Why add this Israeli silver commemorative coin featuring a Menorah of Hanukkah to your collection?

This commemorative silver coin was issued by the Bank of Israel in 1980 as a memorial to the Jews of the Greek island of Corfu who perished in the extermination camps during the Second World War. This is the fifteenth Hanukkah-themed coin released depicting a Menorah from Corfu in the 19th century. The coin was designed by Israeli graphic designer Gabriel Shamir, who was also responsible for the design of the official state emblem of Israel, along with his brother Maxim. Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint from .850 fine silver with a weight of 14.4 grams, the bullion coin measures 30 mm in diameter and is among a reported mintage of 23,753.

Gorgeous Menorah from Corfu Commemorative Design

The reverse features an intricately engraved representation of a painting of the menorah from the Corfu. The scrollwork image is contained within a hexagonal frame with an inscription which translates as "MENORAH FROM CORFU, 19TH CENTURY" and a small Star of David centered below.

Depicted on the obverse is a large number "1" indicating the coin's face value of one New Israeli Shekel (NIS), with the emblem for the State of Israel below, which features a menorah flanked by olive branches and the inscription meaning "HEBREW FOR ISRAEL." Additional inscriptions include "ISRAEL" in Hebrew, Arabic and Latin characters curving on the left, with the year of minting on the right.

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