Home More Ionia, Island Of Samos AE28 Of Tranquillina (AD 241-244) - Ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince Of Samos NGC Ch. F (Story Vault)

Ionia, Island of Samos AE28 of Tranquillina (AD 241-244) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC Ch. F (Story Vault)

Ionia, Island of Samos AE28 of Tranquillina (AD 241-244) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC Ch. F (Story Vault)
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Why add this Ionian Island of Samos coin of Tranquillina to your collection?

This Bronze coin of the Ionian Island of Samos was struck in honor of Augusta Tranquillina, wife of Roman Emperor Gordian III. During that period, the Ionian Island of Samos was a province of the Empire. This AE28 coin, struck from bronze with a diameter of approximately 28 mm, was minted in Samos in honor of the Augusta. Roughly 1700 years later, it remained on the Island in the possession of the Prince of Samos - Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha.

Known as the "Pasha Hoard," the large collection of Roman and Greek coins owned by this Prince of Samos are true pedigree items today. The fact that they were owned by such a renowned historical figure from the late-19th century Ottoman Empire means that any coin from the hoard can bring new levels of prestige and history to whatever collection acquires them. Will this be your collection?

Beautiful commemorative design

The coin's obverse depicts the draped, right-facing image of Tranquillina, framed by a legend declaring her name and title.

The reverse is dedicated to Heracles, a divine hero of Greek mythology. The hero is portrayed standing left, with the skin of the Nemean Lion draped over his forearm, while grasping a club in his left hand and a kantharos (an ancient Greek drinking cup) in his right. This design is surrounded by a Greek legend.

Graded Choice Fine by NGC Ancients

This AE28 of Tranquillina, struck A.D. 241-244, on the Ionian Island of Samos, is graded Choice Fine by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) ancient coin grading experts. Coins graded as such will exhibit moderate to sharp detail in the deeply recessed areas of the coin, with clearly struck lettering. Encapsulated in a protective NGC holder, the coin is accompanied by an official grading label that certifies that this coin comes from the private collection of Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha. The coin even comes in a special story vault holder, with a coin telling its story.

Add this Roman provincial coin of Tranquillina Augusta to your ancient coin collection today!

Year of Issue:AD 241-244
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. F