Home More Ionia, Isl. Of Samos AE26 Of Gallienus (AD 253-268) - Ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince Of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

Ionia, Isl. of Samos AE26 of Gallienus (AD 253-268) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

Ionia, Isl. of Samos AE26 of Gallienus (AD 253-268) - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)
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Why purchase this ancient Samian bronze coin from the collection of Prince Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha?

In 1884, Sultan Abdul-Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire appointed Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha as Prince of Samos, where he served until 1894. A prominent Greek scholar, Pasha was introduced to coin study and collection as a result of meeting French diplomat and numismatist William-Henri Waddington at the Congress of Berlin in 1878. Pasha's remarkable collection eventually reached a total of nearly 630 coins, struck mostly in the ancient periods of the Greeks and Romans. This AE26 of Gallienus, struck on the Ionian Island of Samos A.D. 253-268, is just one example from the magnificent collection.

Warrior of Greek Mythology

The laureate image of Roman Emperor Gallienus adorns the obverse of the coin, draped, cuirassed and facing right, with a legend declaring his name and title surrounding him.

The reverse features a warrior of Greek mythology. He is depicted dressed in a chiton advancing right on the prow of a boat, while carrying a round shield in his left hand, looking back over his right shoulder, gesturing for troops to follow. Inscribed "CAMI ΩN".

Very Fine Ancient Bronze Coin

This AD 253-268 bronze coin of Gallienus, struck on the Ionian Island of Samos, is graded Very Fine by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC) specialized ancient coin grading division. Encapsulated in a NGC holder with grading certification label, the design details of the coin are clearly visible, comparable to a coin earning a grade of 20-25 on the Sheldon Scale, with evidence of wear on all of the highest elements. The coin's label authenticates its inclusion in the hoard of Samos' Prince Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha.

This bronze coin of Gallienus from the Prince's personal hoard will make an impressive addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:AD 253-268
Mint:Greek Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Variety:Alexander Pasha Collection
Packaging:Story Vault