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Ionia, Isl. of Samos AE20 of Philip II (AD 247-249) As Caesar - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

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Ionia, Isl. of Samos AE20 of Philip II (AD 247-249) As Caesar - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault)

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Ionia, Isl. of Samos AE20 of Philip II (AD 247-249) As Caesar - ex. Alexander Pasha, Prince of Samos NGC VF (Story Vault) is not currently available for purchase.

Why purchase this Bronze coin of Philip II struck on the Ionian Island of Samos?

Philip II was named Caesar in A.D. 244 at the age of seven. This bronze coin, measuring 20 mm in diameter (AE20), was struck on the Roman provincial Ionian Island of Samos in the name of Philip II, issued as Caesar. This coin was still on the island 1,600 years later, in the private collection of the Prince of Samos!

The Prince of Samos, Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha, had a real passion for ancient Greek and Roman coins. What makes this coin from his collection particularly unique was that it was actually struck on the island he now ruled! You can now add this coin to your collection, along with its history and the prestige of the Pasha pedigree.

Island of Samos Symbolism

The image of Philip II adorns the obverse, bare-headed and facing right, dressed in the traditional Imperial drape and cuirass, encircled by the Greek inscription "M IOV FILIPPOC KAICAP," representing the Emperor's name and title.

Featured on the reverse is the figure of the river god Imbrasos, with the Greek inscription "CAMI?N." Imbrasos, the personification of a small stream of the same name on the Island of Samos, is depicted reclining left, holding a cornucopia, branch and reed, while resting his elbow upon an overturned urn from which liquid flows.

Graded Very Fine by NGC Ancients

This Philip II Bronze coin, struck A.D. 247-249 on the ancient Ionian Island of Samos, is graded Very Fine by NGC Ancients, the specialized ancient coin grading division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Certified as part of the numismatic collection of Samos Island's Prince from 1885-1894, Alexandre Caratheodory Pasha, this coin will exhibit a strong strike and good definition of detail with highest points worn flat, similar to a coin graded 20-25 on the Sheldon Scale. Each coin will come in a story vault.

Add this historical artifact struck in honor of Philip II on the Island of Samos to your collection of ancient coins today!

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Year of Issue:AD 247-249
Mint:Ancient Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire
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