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Ionia, Teos Silver Diobol (c.375-294 BC) - obv. Griffin/rv. Chelys NGC VF (Story Vault)

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Ionia, Teos Silver Diobol (c.375-294 BC) - obv. Griffin/rv. Chelys NGC VF (Story Vault)
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Why add this Ionian city of Teos Silver Diobol, struck 375-294 BC to your collection?

Teos was a flourishing ancient Greek city on the Aegean Sea, located on the Ionian coast. The city was one of the twelve included in the Ionian League, the earliest known alliance of Greek city-states. This Silver Diobol was struck in the city of Teos, 375-294 BC, measuring approximately 20 mm in diameter with a weight of 0.86 grams.

Remarkably Detailed Design

A Griffin, the half lion, half eagle king of all creatures in Greek mythology is depicted on the obverse. The Griffin was revered as an especially powerful and majestic creature, known to be a fierce protector of priceless possessions and treasure.

Featured on the reverse is the image of a Chelys beside an inscription representing the name of the issuing magistrate. A Chelys was a seven-stringed musical instrument with its sound box created from a tortoise shell, supposedly invented by the Greek God Hermes.

Very Fine Ancient Coin

This Silver Diobol struck in the ancient Ionian city of Teos, 375-294 BC, is graded VF, Very Fine, by the ancient coin grading division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), NGC Ancients. This coin will exhibit a strong strike and good definition of detail with the highest points worn flat, similar to a coin graded 20-25 on the Sheldon Scale.

Add this Greek Silver Diobol of 375-294 BC Teos to your collection of ancient coins! Don't miss this opportunity to acquire this stunning example of ancient Greek coinage!

Grading Service:NGC