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This category on ModernCoinMart.com is used to house the Coin Collecting Resource Center. Here you will find cohesive guides containing applicable information regarding Numismatics including how to start a coin collection, how to safely store a coin collection, how to buy bullion, and much more. This category is a great resource for the novice coin collector or bullion stacker, but experts may learn a thing or two as well.
Precious Metals Guide Precious Metals Guide
Acquiring Precious Metals, be it in the form of coins or bullion, can be a valuable pursuit with tangible outcomes. Precious Metals are naturally occurring elements that only limited amounts exist of. Gold and Silver are perhaps the most recognizable of these, but platinum and palladium have also been growing in popularity. While there is much to be gained from getting started in Precious Metals, educating yourself is an integral part of building your coin collection or stack of bullion. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of acquiring Precious Metals and will provide an essential starting point for further coin education.
Coin Collecting Guide Coin Collecting Guide
Collecting coins is one of the oldest, and most worthwhile, hobbies in the world. Whether you have inherited a coin collection and want to know more about maintaining it or if you have never purchased a coin in your life, educating yourself can be more than beneficial. This guide will cover numerous topics including an Introduction to Coin Collecting, Coin Grading, Coin Types and Finishes, Coin Care, Coin Series and Sets, as well as the interesting world of Ancient Coins. Don't forget to visit the rest of our Resource Center for all your Precious Metal needs.
Coin Care and Maintenance Guide Coin Care and Maintenance Guide
While building a great coin collection is an exciting and enduring adventure, there are some other factors to consider once you have the coins you’ve been after. If you want to make sure you’re up to speed on the essentials of coin care, you’ve come to the right place. This Coin Care and Maintenance Guide will cover topics ranging from the best methods to safeguard your collection to the best way to display your collectible coins.
Buying Bullion Guide Buying Bullion Guide
We all know that precious metals are valuable and they can be traded in a variety of forms. Bullion is the physical form. When you’re new to buying bullion, all of the choices and information can be a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, buying bullion is easy once you know the basics.
Vintage Coin Guide Vintage Coin Guide
While the definition can vary, Vintage Coins are generally defined as coins issued by the United States Mint before the modern era. Some use 1933-1934 as the dividing line, while others consider as recently as 1964 as the cut off. Vintage or commonly referred to as Classic coins differ from modern issues in a multitude of ways ranging from the condition they are typically available in, to their metal content, and comparative value. There are many benefits to collecting vintage coins, but first, you must learn the basics.
Ancient Coin Guide Ancient Coin Guide
Ancient Coins are widely regarded to have originated around 630 BC in part of what is today Western Turkey. Such denominational coins replaced a system where balance scales measured how much one would pay for goods and services. The most common types of Ancient coins hail from the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Empires. This Ancient Coin Guide contains articles that will supply a high-level overview of Ancient coins and how to start a collection of them.

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