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ModernCoinMart (MCM) Celebrates National Coin Week

ModernCoinMart (MCM) Celebrates National Coin Week
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Posted: 04-20-2015 04:40:00 PM

ModernCoinMart (MCM) uses National Coin Week as a platform for educating children on the importance, history and science behind coin collecting. 

You've most likely heard that it's National Coin Week – either from social media or forums you frequent – and your next thought has probably been, "Why do we celebrate National Coin Week?" A lot of people partake in events this week, but why it was actually established is, at times, overlooked.

Back in 1983, President Ronald Reagan decided the third week of April would be the official time for people to get to learn about numismatics because collecting coins can also help one learn about science and history.

This year, National Coin Week is April 19-25 and several organizations will be holding their own events in celebration while others are taking to social media to partake in the merriment. We want to go back to the original sentiment of this week with our very own cyber-based event.

ModernCoinMart (MCM) would like to participate by introducing a call to education. We request that you use this week as a time to teach the little numismatists in your life about coinage and how it has impacted our history and will continue to impact our future.

We will be sharing content and lesson plans all week long that will help make learning fun for the kids, whether they are your students, children or siblings.

Stay connected this week by using the hashtag #NCW2015 to share your experiences and get all of the latest lessons, giveaways, trivia and more by following us on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing how you're celebrating this week and passing on your own knowledge of coinage and collecting to the younger generation.

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