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2017 Denver ANA Show: CIT Unveils Dazzling New Releases

2017 Denver ANA Show: CIT Unveils Dazzling New Releases
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Posted: 08-02-2017 11:54:00 AM

Stay in the loop on the latest coin releases. CIT has just unveiled their latest line-up of upcoming coins at the 2017 Denver ANA Show, and they are impressive!

CIT Unveils Dazzling New Releases

Each year the World’s Fair of Money, the largest and most important coin show in the U.S., is held during the summer by the American Numismatic Association (ANA), the world’s biggest coin club. A major highlight of each of these shows is that world’s mints are present to showcase their upcoming coin releases, giving attendees a first glimpse of the future!

Coin Invest Trust (CIT), which is based in Lichtenstein, attended the show in August 2017, located in Denver, Colorado. Known for their impressive minting technology, the company unveiled the designs of many exciting and unusual coins that they will be releasing in the coming months. Each of them uses the company’s cutting-edge minting technique known as smartminting to create coins with incredibly detailed high-relief. Since CIT’s coins are produced for various countries within the British Commonwealth, the obverse of every coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

New Skull Coins

New Skull CoinsInspired by the success of last year’s very popular Skull No. 1, an ultra-high relief silver coin with antique finish struck in silver (the first coin ever struck in the shape of a human skull!), CIT has announced a massive, new Big Skull coin in the same format. It will be made of a half-kilo of silver, and is 16 times the size of the 2016 version! They are also adding a 1 oz. silver Pirate Skull to their 2017 line-up that wears a bandana, earrings, is missing a few teeth, and is sure to be a hit. This Pirate Skull has a mintage of only 1,750 coins, while the Big Skull coin has a mintage of just 555!

Meteorite Impacts

Meteorite ImpactsAnother popular CIT series is the Meteorites series beginning in 2004. The company explained that it was not easy to produce a successor of the highly-innovative Tamdakht Meteorite coin of 2016, which tries to recreate what the site looked like after the meteorite hit. That is why these coins have a hole in them as well as a small piece of the meteorite that landed at that location.

The resulting Chergach Meteorite coin once again pushes the boundaries of technology with an enhanced concave deformity and cracks. The gilt finish is reminiscent of the Sahara Desert, where the chondrite meteorite was found ten years ago in July 2007 near Timbuktu. A fragment of the actual meteorite rests in the crater depression. This coin is made of a ½ oz. of silver and has a mintage of 2,500 coins.

Evolution of Life

Evolution of LifeThe company’s well-regarded Evolution of Life series combines high-relief fossils, rose-gold plating, and an antique silver finish. The new, third release deals with the Age of Reptiles and depicts an Ichthyosaur fossil that is covered in rose-gold while the smartminting relief accentuates the bony scleral eye ring and pointy teeth of this Triassic predator. Ichthyosaurs were marine reptiles that lived 250 to 90 million years ago and have some similarities with modern dolphins. Made of 1 oz. of silver, these coins are limited to 999 pieces.  There will also be a half-gram gold version with a mintage of 15,000 coins.

Marine Life Protection

The longest-running series of CIT that began in 1992 and has included over 50 releases, Marine Life Protection is best-known for its iconic coat of arms that features Neptune and mermaids. Instead of a three-coin set in gold, silver and copper as in the past, the final two coins of the series are two 2 oz. silver coins that will depict a sea horse and a dolphin. By utilizing smartminting, these two coins, which come in a custom suspension display frame, will have the highest relief of any coins issued in the series.

Magnificent Life

Magnificent LifeAnother popular series, Magnificent Life, also will have its third release in 2017 following the Peacock of 2015 and Wasp Spider of 2016. On this third issue, a majestic, colorized cobra is shown spreading its hood in defense on the concave reverse of the coin. The combination of smartminting high-relief with selective gloss and coloring complements the cupped proof surface and really brings the snake to life. Only 999 coins will be made.

Cobras are found from South Africa to South East Asia. They are known for their potent, neurotoxic venom that some of the 30 different species, specifically spitting cobras, can spray at the eyes of an attacker.

Scarab Selection

Earlier this year, CIT introduced a series called Scarab Selection. It features depictions of beetles in high-relief against various surfaces with different finishes and artistic flourishes. 

The follow-up for this fall is another three-coin set in a luxurious case that has a silver version with a gilded background, a black proof with a dark Swarovski crystal, and a rose gold version with a silver background. Each coin is a 1 oz. proof and has a mintage of 499 pieces.

7 Summits

7 SummitsLast year, an impressive new series of 5 oz. silver coins that recreate the surfaces of the world’s seven highest mountain ranges debuted with the Denali coin. Now in 2017, the world’s tallest and best-known peak, Mount Everest, will be depicted in incredible, three-dimensional topographic detail showing every ridge and valley. Selective color application is used on its surface to accentuate certain details. Only 777 coins will be struck. These coins come in capsules and are displayed in custom suspension frames.

Angel Piedfort

Following the Isle of Man’s decision in 2017 to end its contract with the Pobjoy Mint to produce its iconic series of Silver Angel coins, CIT was awarded the contract. The first coin made for the Isle is an impressive piedfort (double thickness) version of the famous Angel made of 2 oz. of silver. It has a limited mintage of just 999 pieces. There is also a half-gram gold version with a mintage of 15,000 units.


These new coins offer collectors a wide variety of interesting themes and topics that showcase CIT’s world-class minting techniques. Like previous releases, they are likely to be quick sellers. Keep an eye on the 2017 Denver ANA Show to see more about these coins and when they are released!

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