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MCM's Silver Round Up

MCM's Silver Round Up
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Author Name: Sean McConeghy
Posted: 12-31-2019

Struck by private mints, some rounds are tailored to specific interests that are overlooked by government mints, while others provide affordable pieces with historic designs. Here are some rounds that our customers love. Each round was struck from 1 oz of .999 fine silver.

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Many precious metals collectors focus on either silver coins or silver bars in building their collections. Coins often have unique design elements, low mintages, or other attractive features, while bars are easily stackable. Those who look exclusively at either or both of those, though, risk losing out on what could be the pieces that are the best fit for their interests, silver rounds.

Struck by private mints, some rounds are often tailored to specific interests that are overlooked by government mints, while others provide affordable pieces with historic designs. Collectors are often thrilled when they can represent additional interests into their hobby of collecting precious metals. Here are some rounds that our customers love. Each round was struck from 1 oz of .999 fine silver.

Historic Designs

Many of the inscriptions and ancillary design features, such as the number of stars, have been changed for the following rounds, but their designs reflect the original work. For more information about the difference between coins and rounds, read this entry in ModernCoinMart's Resource Center.

Morgan Silver Round

1 oz. Silver Morgan Round The Morgan silver dollar designed by George T. Morgan and issued by the United States Mint is among the most recognizable coins in American history among non-collectors. They are often passed down as heirlooms, and many people who collect no other coins have several of them as keepsakes. One of the most important reasons for this is that Morgan chose an American-style model for Liberty, breaking with the tradition of depicting her as a Greek-style figure.

The Highland Mint offers 1 oz. .999 fine silver rounds struck with the design  and is a great way to add a bit of the Morgan legacy to a collection.

Note: these do not carry a face value or United States Mint mint mark as they are replica rounds and not government issued coins.

Incuse Indian Head Silver Round

Highland Mint 1 oz. Silver Incuse Indian Head Round Bela Lyon Pratt’s Indian Head coins continue to intrigue collectors thanks to their unique incuse designs. Three denominations of coins were struck with the designs, each in gold. This can make historical pieces, especially those in uncirculated condition, relatively pricey. Highland Mint strikes again as they make a 1 oz. silver round with the Indian Head design, making it accessible for collectors that the original design may be too cost prohibitive for. It even features the rather unique Incuse design element that the original gold pieces were so known for.

Buffalo Reverse Proof Silver Round

1 oz. Silver Buffalo Reverse Proof Round Issued from 1913-1938, James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel is a treasured piece of Americana. Fraser set out to design a coin that could immediately be recognized as American anywhere in the world. To that end, he created a piece with a Native American man on the obverse and an American bison on the reverse.

A privately minted round offers a new look at these iconic designs. While true to the original, these rounds are unique thanks to their reverse proof finish and the fact that there is more negative space around the designs than on the nickels after which they are modeled.

Niche Interest Designs

United States Olympic Team Silver Round

USA Olympic Team 1 oz. Silver Round The next 1 oz. silver round offers a fantastic option for sports fans as it features the logo of the USOC. Team USA is a source of pride every two years when they take on the world in the Olympics. The round features the United States Olympic Heritage Mark, which consists of the inscriptions “TEAM USA” and “1896,” the year of the first modern Olympics, encircled by a laurel wreath. On the reverse is the logo of the United States Olympic Committee, which consists of the American flag and the Olympic rings.

Apollo 11 Silver Round

Apollo 11 Silver Round Marking the 50th Anniversary of the successful Apollo 11 mission and the first moon walk ever, the Apollo 11 round, is perfect for both patriotic collectors and those with an interest in space exploration. The round’s obverse features the Apollo 11 mission patch, on which a bald eagle lands on the surface of the moon with earth in the distance. The reverse offers a closeup look at the lunar module, the vehicle in which Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed.

Spartan Round

Silver Spartan RoundCollectors with an interest in military history and those looking for inspiration are sure to love Golden State Mint’s Spartan round. The Spartans are known as some of history’s fiercest warriors. On the obverse, a Spartan warrior wearing a Corinthian helmet leaps forward wielding his spear in his right hand and his shield in his left. The shield bears the inscription lambda, a reference to the Spartan city-state Lacedaemon. An officer’s crested Corinthian helmet is at the center of the reverse. Crossing behind it are a battle axe, a Dory spear, and a short sword that is known as a xiphos.

Patriotic Designs

True Patriot Reverse Proof Silver Round

True Patriot Silver Round Collectors who honor the men and women who put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans are sure to love Asahi Refining’s True Patriot round. Designed by Joel Iskowitz, a prolific former United States mint employee, the round’s obverse shows a soldier in silhouette marching with the flag against an American flag background. The America flag is the backdrop on the reverse as well. The Statue of Liberty is in the foreground, and a bald eagle soars high above. Another notable feature of these rounds are that they were both struck in the United States (by a private mint) and created with fine silver that was sourced in the United States too!

Whether your interests lie in historic numismatic roots, patriotic imagery, or pop-culture phenomenons, the wide assortment of 1 oz. Silver Rounds that are waiting to be added to your collection knows no bounds. This article highlighted just a few of the dynamic Silver Round offerings we are proud to carry at ModernCoinMart. Check out the rest of the Silver Rounds we have in stock, and stack on!

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