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Gold Makes History: All-Time High of $2,000 an Ounce

Gold Makes History: All-Time High of $2,000 an Ounce
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Author Name: ModernCoinMart (MCM)
Posted: 08-11-2020

Through economic and market uncertainty, gold prices make headlines as it reaches a record high. Read more!

Amidst a global pandemic that has affected economies near and far, a monumental occurrence takes place as gold’s value increases by 30% since the start of 2020.


For the first time in history, gold reaches new heights as it breaks $2,000 per ounce. For the past month we have watched gold prices soar above the previous record held in 2011, peaking at $1896.50 per ounce.


Through economic and market uncertainty, gold prices make headlines as it reaches a record high.


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