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Coin Collecting Guide

Collecting coins is one of the oldest, and most worthwhile, hobbies in the world. Whether you have inherited a coin collection and want to know more about maintaining it or if you have never purchased a coin in your life, educating yourself can be more than beneficial. This guide will cover numerous topics including an Introduction to Coin Collecting, Coin Grading, Coin Types and Finishes, Coin Care, Coin Series and Sets, as well as the interesting world of Ancient Coins. Don't forget to visit the rest of our Resource Center for all your Precious Metal needs.

Coin Collecting Guide Entries

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Coin Grading Companies: PCGS vs. NGC
An Introduction to Coin Grading
Understanding the Various Types of Coin Finishes
An Overview of Graded Coin Labels
Coin Series and Coin Sets: Techniques for Collecting Coins
The Modern Coin Minting Process
Everything You Need to Know About Mint Sets
Anatomy of a Coin
Innovative New Coin Finishes
The People Behind the Coins: Coin Artists and Engravers