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Beginner’s Corner: Special Collector Strike Types

Beginner’s Corner: Special Collector Strike Types
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Posted: 01-28-2015 10:00:00 AM

Learn about some of the different special collector strike types in this week's Beginner's Corner.

Special Collector Coin Strike Types

Moving on in our exploration of different strikes, I’ve discovered the special collector strike types. These are a much smaller subset of strike types, but definitely worth going over.

The first special collector strike type is the reverse proof. We covered this a bit in the article on strike types, but will get into it a bit more. The reverse proof is the exact opposite of a proof strike type. The reverse proof features a field that is frosted and devices that are mirrored.

Another collector strike type is enhanced uncirculated. These coins are a collective mixture of what one would expect to see with uncirculated, proof and reverse proof all on the same coin. The U.S. mint first used this strike type on Silver Eagles in 2013, then continued the use of this strike type with the special 50th Anniversary Kennedy half dollars in 2014. It is distinguished by having a near proof looking field with both uncirculated-like and reverse proof-like texture to the details of the design. These coins are actually very – striking!

There are also two finishes that impact the strike type and appearance of coins. An antique finish is a special collector strike type that is an uncirculated strike. The coin is machine-treated to give it an antique appearance. There is also a satin finish which is a specially-prepared dye that appears frosted throughout when minted.

Although there are other strike types that are scarcely used or difficult to explain, these are the basic “special” strike types that - for the benefit of keeping this article easy to understand - do not fit wholly into “proof” or “uncirculated” strike.

There is a small family of different unrelated strike types that are generally graded as “specimen” coins by the major grading services that can be difficult to separate and explain. Suffice to say that “SP,” as a grade, denotes a number of slightly different minting techniques that to the lay person will look rather similar in appearance.

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