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Welsh Dragon Coin: A New Release from the Royal Mint!

Welsh Dragon Coin: A New Release from the Royal Mint!
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Author Name: Oleg Zamansky
Posted: 08-17-2016

The Royal Mint is a world-renown numismatic institution that is known for its quality coinage. It has just issued a very special ½ oz. silver commemorative coin called the “Welsh Dragon Celebration.” This stunning coin carries the design of a dragon on the reverse, a symbol of Welsh pride.

The Royal Mint's Welsh Dragon Celebration

Royal Mint of London

Royal Mint in London Strikes a coin commemorating Welsh PrideFounded back in 886 AD, the Royal Mint of London is one of the oldest Mints in the world. Its years of experience and history serving as the Mint behind one of the most influential nations of the modern era have caused this institution to become a powerhouse in the numismatic community. The Royal Mint has been a pioneer in numismatics for some time, and with the innovative coins of Great Britain, they have pushed the numismatic boundaries further than anyone in the world. From the infamous Silver Britannia coins to the most recent collector issues designs, the Royal Mint has created numismatic treasures for all mankind. They have succeeded again in 2016, with a very special coin - Welsh Dragon Celebration!

2016 Welsh Dragon Celebration CoinArtistic rendition of the Welsh National Flag.

The 2016 Welsh Dragon Celebration pure silver coin is the third issue in a very successful series of 20 Pound Coins struck by the Royal Mint. The Welsh dragon is the national animal of Wales and is considered part of their national emblem. It symbolizes the unwavering determination, bravery, and dignity that the people of Wales possess. The dragon was not officially recognized as a national symbol until 1959 and today for the first time in over 15 years, the dragon makes its third numismatic debut for the country of Wales. This Welsh Dragon coin pays homage to the geography and vast culture that forms the heritage of Wales.

This marvelous coin is struck on a ½ oz. .999 fine silver planchet, with a face value of 20 Pounds. The Royal Mint of London presented a strict limit of three coins per household when purchasing from them directly. The actual mintage, however, has not yet been determined. This interesting fact demonstrates the success that the Royal Mint expects with this release. Despite their precautions, this coin has already sold out from the Royal Mint!

Welsh Dragon Coin Design

2016 Great Britain 20 Pound 1/2 oz. Welsh Dragon Celebration.The 2016 Welsh Dragon pure silver coin was designed by Norman Sillman – a Royal Academy sculptor for the Royal Mint of London. He designed the symbol of Welsh pride – a fierce dragon – on the reverse of the coin with fine detail. The inscription “TWENTY POUNDS” appears below, and beading detail appears around the edge.

The obverse portrays the fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Designed by Jody Clark, this is the latest portrait created for use on coinage struck by the Royal Mint. Unlike the reverse which had only one inscription, “2016,” “ELIZABETH II,” “DEI,” “GRA,” “REG,” “FID,” and “DEF” all appear around the edge of the coin.

Will you add this silver coin to your collection?

The Royal Mint produces coins for collectors and enthusiasts not only in the United Kingdom, but also all over the world. Several of these coins have earned international industry awards, and this latest 2016 Welsh Dragon coin is headed in the same direction. Because the 2016 Welsh Dragon Celebration coins are sold out at the Mint, quantity is extremely limited!  If you would like to add one of these attractive coins to your collection, you will need to act quickly! Embrace Welsh Pride with the 2016 Welsh Dragon Celebration coin today!

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