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Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins

Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins
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Author Name: Oleg Zamansky
Posted: 07-18-2016
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In a world full of coins, there is not much difference in their overall shape. Despite various sizes and metal content, the shape of the coin is nearly always round and thin. There are, however, a few very unique coins struck by various Mints around the world that break these conformities. From domed coins to volcano shaped coins, you will be surprised the examples ModernCoinMart has to offer!

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MCM’s Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins

ModernCoinMart (MCM) carries a number of coins that do not conform to the known standard of round, thin metal pieces. These unique examples come from all over the world, bringing shapes and designs unique to the cultures or minting technology of the countries they were struck for. These amazing coins boast low mintages, exceptional eye appeal, and above all – extreme uniqueness! There is no end to the innovation from Mints around the world.

1. 2021 Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Shaped Coin from France

Hogwarts Crest Shaped CoinIssued by Niue, this 1-ounce silver Proof coin, has been shaped in the likeness of the Hogwarts Crest and features the traditional colors and emblems of all four houses thanks to partial colorization. Struck by the New Zealand Mint, only 5,000 of this intricately detailed coin will be ever be struck so secure yours today! Which house would you be sorted into?


2. 2021 Lucky Horseshoe Shaped Silver Antiqued Coin from Palau

Horseshoe Shaped CoinIssued by Palau, this stunning 1-ounce Silver Coin was shaped into the ultimate symbol of goodluck, a horseshoe. Featuring Ultra High Relief and an authentic-looking antiqued finish, each side of the horseshoe is littered with western-themed motifs harkening back to the American frontier. Only 2,500 pieces will ever be struck, so don’t rely on luck, secure your Horseshoe Shaped coin for your collection today.   


3. 2021 Silver Samurai Battle Mask Coin from Samoa

Samurai Mask Shaped CoinIssued by the South Pacific island of Samoa, this hefty 2-ounce Silver Coin has been shaped into a highly detail depiction of a Samurai Battle Mask! This stunning-shaped coin is actually the first in a new series honoring Ancient Warriors and their battle garb. Both faces of the coin feature an uncirculated finish enhanced with a special antiquing process that helps bring out the vivid details of the Samurai Mask represented on the reverse to life. With a limited mintage of just 500 pieces, who knows how long this fearsome coin will be available?


4. 2021 Lion Shaped Coin from the Solomon Islands

Silver Coin Shaped Like a LionIssued by the Solomon Islands and facilitated by the master artisans at PAMP SA, the second release Animals of Africa series honors the king of the jungle himself, the lion. Struck from 1 ounce of impressively pure, .9999 fine silver, the $2 legal tender coins have been masterfully crafted into the shape of the giant cat, complete with a stunning reverse-proof finish. The limited mintage of 2,500 coins has already sold out at the Mint!


5. 2021 Love Pendant Shaped Proof Coin with Swarovski elements from the Republic of Cameroon  

Rectangular love themed coin shaped like a pendantIssued by the Republic of Cameroon and struck by the Mint of Poland, this 500 Franc legal tender coin has been crafted into the shape of a romantic, love-themed pendant, fit for any collection or to hang around a loved one’s neck. Containing 10 grams of pure .999 fine silver, this lovely coin features a heart-shaped insert created from red Swarovski pieces and two small holes at the top that would allow it to be hanged from a necklace or keychain. With a limited mintage of just 500 pieces, this is your chance to give the gift of love and silver.


6. 2021 Magical Lamp Shaped Coin from Palau

Magical Lamp Shaped Coin

Thanks to CIT’s Smartminting technology collectors now can add this Magical Lamp Shaped coin to their collections. Part of the Republic of Palau’s Special Shapes Gold Coin series, this issue was inspired by the famous story “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” from the compilation of “One Thousand and One Nights.” Struck from .5 grams of .9999 fine gold, mintage is limited to 15,000 pieces.


7. 2021 DC Comics - The Flash Emblem Shaped Colorized Proof Coin from Niue

DC Comics Flash Logo Shaped CoinAnother stunning shaped coin release hailing from the master craftsmen at the New Zealand mint, this 1 ounce .999 fine silver coin was crafted into the distinctive shape of DC hero the Flash’s emblem. Featuring a dazzling proof finish, the lightning blot in the logo was colorized yellow, bringing this iconic comic book symbol to life as a $2 legal tender coin.

8. 20th Anniversary Shrek and Donkey Shaped Coins from Niue 

Silver Coin Shaped Like Shrek2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film in Dreamworks' beloved Shrek franchise. To mark the occasion, the New Zealand Mint struck, and Niue issues a series of colorized coins shaped like some of the favorite characters from the series. The first two releases feature the dynamic duo themselves, Shrek and Donkey. Both coins are struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and are colorized with a brilliant uncirculated finish. 


9. Silver Game Die Shaped Coin from the Solomon Islands

Game Die Shaped CoinIssued by the Solomon Islands, this is the first game die legal tender coin ever issued! Struck from 2 ounces of .999 fine silver, this $5 legal tender shaped coin includes colored "dots" just like a traditional die. Where the 5 dots would appear on a traditional gaming die, the obverse of the coin complete with the Queen's effigy appears. The Original Government Packaging for this offering is an attractive box, made up to look like a larger game die!


The envelope of numismatic excellence is being pushed further every day by the above-mentioned Mints and many other numismatic organizations around the world. These companies invent new ways to astonish numismatists with their designs and their skill. And when new, unique coins like these are issued, you can be sure ModernCoinMart will carry them!

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