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Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins

Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins
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Posted: 07-18-2016

In a world full of coins, there is not much difference in their overall shape. Despite various sizes and metal content, the shape of the coin is nearly always round and thin. There are, however, a few very unique coins struck by various Mints around the world that break these conformities. From domed coins to volcano shaped coins, you will be surprised the examples ModernCoinMart has to offer!

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MCM’s Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins-Then and Now-

ModernCoinMart (MCM) carries a number of coins that do not conform to the known standard of round, thin metal pieces. These unique examples come from all over the world, bringing shapes and designs unique to the cultures or minting technology of the countries they were struck for. These amazing coins boast low mintages, exceptional eye appeal, and above all – extreme uniqueness! There is no end to the innovation from Mints around the world. While our first batch of top nine odd-shaped coins are all but sold out now, we have identified a number of recent, or fairly recent odd-shaped coin releases that we currently have in stock, waiting to be added to your collection. Take a look at our current inventory, and don't forget to browse the odd-shaped coins of years past after the current list.

Current Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins

1. Hunters of the Deep Great White Shark-Shaped Coin from PAMP Suisse

Shark Shaped CoinThe first entry in PAMP Suisse’s Hunters of the Deep series, this unique coin pays homage to the ultimate marine predator, the Great White Shark. The .9999 fine silver planchet was crafted in the shape of a Great White and features a rendering of its likeness on the reverse of the coin. The realistic shark imagery even captures its gills and full mouth of razor-sharp teeth, while a special finishing technique created frosted and mirrored devices upon the proof surface which relay the various shades that appear on a real Great White. In addition to this exceptional design, this release boasts a low mintage of just 2,500 pieces, each of which will be stamped with a unique serial number. You’re going to need a bigger collection, to reel in this Hunter of the Deep.

2. Woodstock Guitar Pick-Shaped Coin from the Mayer Mint

Guitar-Pick-Shaped-CoinA special commemorative release to honor the 50th anniversary of three day of Peace, Love, and Music, this Guitar Pick-Shaped coin replicates both the size and thickness of the real thing! Struck by the Mayer Mint for the Cook Islands, the reverse of this .999 fine coin is decorated with a floral background along with the official 50 year of Woodstock logo. This $2 legal tender coin is the perfect way for those who were there and experienced the festival to preserve their memories forever, or to add some 60s nostalgia to any coin collection.

3. Hunters of the Sky- Bald Eagle-Shaped Coin from PAMP Suisse

Bald-Eagle-Shaped-CoinThe companion series to the aforementioned Hunters of the Deep series, the first issue in PAMP Suisse’s Hunter of the Sky series features the iconic Bald Eagle. This 1 oz. coin has been shaped in the image of an Eagle, wings spread, talons outstretched, ready to snatch its prey. The detailed reverse design consisting of feather imagery, combines with this unique shape to make the coin appear as it is one of the fearsome birds of prey in mid-flight. With a limited mintage of just 2,500 coins, this Bald Eagle-shaped coin is the perfect way to the bring the freedom of the sky, to your collection. 

4. Father Frost Oval-Shaped Coin from the Solomon Islands

Father Frost Oval-Shaped Coin Everyone knows Santa Clause, but have you heard of Father Frost? It’s not Jack Frost’s father, but rather the traditional Russian version of Santa Clause. This coin was struck from 1 oz. of .999 fine silver and was crafted into a 30 x 45 mm oval-shape that features a partially colorized rendering of Father Frost himself decked out in vivid blue winter wear as he extends his gloved hand to the holder. The rest of the reverse is filled with delicately frosted silver snowflakes and the inscription “Ded Moroz” which translates to the titular, “Father Frost.” For those who prefer their coins in their Original Government Packaging, the Solomon Islands really outdid themselves with a delightful Russian Matryoshka or “Russian Doll” packaging that houses the coin within a series of wooden dolls.

5. Figure Eight Koi Fish Figure Eight-Shaped Coin from the Perth Mint

Figure-Eight Shaped CoinThe second year of issue in the Perth Mint’s Figure Eight-shaped coin series, this 2 oz. coin featuring two Koi Fish swimming against the current, combines two symbols in Chinese culture: the number eight and the Koi Fish. The Chinese consider the number eight the luckiest number due to both its pronunciation, which is very similar to a Chinese word that translates to good fortune, as well as the numbers symmetricity that evokes the mathematical symbol for infinity. Since Koi Fish traditionally represent perseverance, strength, ambition, and fortune, these two motifs are combined in a stunningly detailed, uniquely shaped coin. This 2AUD$ legal tender coin features a gorgeous antique finish and boasts an appropriately low and auspicious mintage of just 3,888 coins. This issue follows the first entry to the series, the now sold out 2018 Figure Eight-shaped Dragon coin.

6. Coca-Cola Bottle Cap-Shaped Coins from Fiji  

Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Shaped CoinReleased in 2018, these Coca-Cola Bottle Cap-shaped coins are the perfect way to bring a piece of classic Americana to your collection. These coins are struck from .999 fine silver and are shaped like actual bottle caps. Issued by Fiji, this iconic design is available as a 6-gram Colorized Silver Proof coin as well as a 1 oz. Silver issue. The colorized version features the iconic red and white color scheme that is so closely associated with the Coca-Cola company. For the cola enthusiast, fan of classic Americana or uniquely shaped coins, you can’t beat the classic shape of Coke.

7. Meteorite Impact-Chergach-Shaped Coin from Coin Invest Trust

meteor-shaped coinAnother stunning unique shaped coin form Coin Invest Trust, this 2017 Chergach Meteorite Strike Gilded Silver coin takes innovation to another world by immortalizing the titular meteorite strike in ½ oz. of .999 fine silver. The meteor that inspired this coin was found near Timbuktu in 2007 and so accordingly, the coin commemorating the space rock features select gilding to represent the sandy landscape where it made impact. The coin was also struck with a unique technique that punctured the coin, symbolizing the impact along with stress fractures radiating from the coins center. Each coin also contains an actual piece of a meteorite fragment too!

8. Football-Shaped Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

Football-Shaped Coin The Royal Canadian Mint released these 1 oz. Football-shaped silver coins in 2017 to celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes, Football. Not only is the coin shaped like a football, it is actually domed to create a 3D image of the iconic pigskin. The reverse completes the illusion by portraying a realistic football from the texture of its leather to the stitching along its middle. The concave obverse features the traditional effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since this is a Canadian issue. For those who want the excitement of a touchdown in their collection, consider this innovative and unique Football-shaped coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

9. Four Leaf Clover Shaped Coin from Coin Invest Trust  

Four-Leaf-Clover Shaped Coin Coin Invest Trust strikes again with this lucky Four-Leaf Clover-shaped coin issued for the island of Palau. Struck from 1 oz. of .999 fine silver, this $5 legal tender coin features a gorgeous antique finish and design elements. With a limited mintage of just 2,500 pieces, like its namesake, you will be lucky to add this uniquely shaped coin to your collection.




Honorary Mention: UFO Shaped Coin From Pamp Suisse

UFO Shaped CoinPamp Suisse strikes again with the first UFO-shaped coin ever issued. Featuring both a reverse proof finish and a hologram details, the planchet the coin was struck on is shaped like the classic flying saucer design, and even shimmers like a UFO might when seen from the ground. This unique coin is perfect for those who ponder the mysteries of the universe or who appreciate odd-shaped coins.


Previous Top 9 Odd-Shaped Coins

1. Maple Leaf-Shaped Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

Maple Leaf-Shaped CoinThe first coin in this group is the pure silver Maple Leaf-shaped proof coin from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). The RCM has always been at the forefront of coin design, and with the prevalent use of maple leaves in their coin designs, it should be no surprise that they struck a Maple Leaf-Shaped coin! The first Maple Leaf-shaped coin was released in 2015 and sold out from the Mint within only two days. This coin was so popular that the premiums on the secondary marked were, at times, up to 5x the original price! Now in 2016, the RCM has released a follow-up to this coin – this time struck with a stunning colorized finish. This Colorized Maple Leaf-Shaped coin has a very low, worldwide mintage of 15,000 coins. If they are as popular as the first release, you can expect us to run out of supply quickly!

2. Map-Shaped Coins from Perth Mint

Australian Map Shaped CoinThe second coin in this group is from the Map-Shaped coin series struck by the Perth Mint. Like the RCM, the Perth Mint is no stranger in the world of unusual coins. Since 2012, the Perth Mint has been issuing two of these coins every year commemorating a native creature of Australia against a colorized background. The unique bit about the coin is not the design itself, however, but the fact that it is shaped like the Island of Australia! The latest release in this series is a 2016 issue featuring the Great White Shark. With a mintage of only 6,000 coins, this Great White Shark Map-Shaped coin is certain to be popular!

3. ICC Cricket World Cup Domed Coin from the New Zealand Mint

Cricket Ball-Shaped CoinTo commemorate the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, the New Zealand Mint struck a very high quality, domed coin with a convex reverse representing a cricket ball! This 2015 ICC Cricket-Shaped coin proved to be very popular, and its limited mintage of 2,015 coins – the unique number meant to commemorate the World Cup – quickly sold out. With its cricket ball design enhanced by Mint packaging also resembling a cricket ball, this is a must have for cricket ball fans.

4. Seven New Wonders of the World Spherical Coin from the Mint of Poland

Seven Wonders of the World Spherical CoinThe Mint of Poland was also making history in 2015. Using brand new technology, the Mint of Poland successfully created the first Spherical coin in Numismatic History! Struck out of 7 oz. of .999 fine silver, this stunning coin is solid all the way through and really does form a perfect sphere. It was struck to commemorate the Seven New Wonders of the World, selected by a mass poll from the New7Wonders foundation. It is struck with the design of the Earth, appearing like a small globe, with the location of each New World Wonder highlighted with a Swarovski crystal. This coin was struck with Proof and Antiqued Proof finishes, with a mintage of 1,007 for each finish. The Proof finish coins sold out almost immediately, but a few of the Antiqued finish coins which were released later, are still available.

5. Mount Vesuvius-Shaped Coin from the Mint of Poland

Mount Vesuvius Shaped CoinThe Mint of Poland again made history in 2016 with the release of a 6 oz. .9999 fine silver coin shaped like Mount Vesuvius! Known as the Volcano that destroyed Pompeii, this coin is shaped with a very detailed depiction of the volcano. It has been struck by the Mint of Poland in both Proof and Antiqued Finishes like on their 7 New Wonders Spherical coin, yet this time around mintage is lower with 600 coins per finish! With the history of such a coin combined with its incredible eye appeal, this item has been a huge hit among collectors.

6. Egg-Shaped Coin from the Coin Invest Trust

Egg Shaped CoinThe Coin Invest Trust is another powerhouse in the numismatic industry that works in conjunction with the Mayer Mint. In 2015, they produced a small .9999 fine ½ gram gold coin for the country of Cook Islands that in the shape of an egg! This sharp coin was designed to commemorate the egg painting that occurs all over the world. From the famous Faberge Egg of Imperial Russia to our yearly easter eggs, it is a tradition of many cultures to paint egss with bright colors. What is unique about this coin is that it is not only shaped with the outline of an egg, but has been struck in a curved pattern to give a 3D representation of an egg! Its magnificent colorful design and very limited mintage of only 1,500 caused it sell out quickly from the Mint. Another golden egg coin was struck in 2016, with a different design and a higher mintage.

7. Space Time Continuum from the Coin Invest Trust

Space Time Continuum CoinCoin Invest Trust proved to be more than a one-trick pony in the field of odd-shaped coins. In 2015 they released another unique coin to represent the Space Time Continuum. This coin is struck from ½ oz. of .999 fine silver into a square shape. In the center of this square however, is a unique circular ripple struck into the silver! This extremely unique shape definitely looks like something you would only find in a Sci-fi TV show, and a mintage of only 1,500 makes this coin extremely unique.

8. Bavarian Purity Law Beer Cap Coin from the Coin Invest Trust

Beer Bottle Cap-Shaped CoinCoin Invest Trust made history in 2016 with the production of the first Beer Cap-Shaped coin! This prooflike silver coin from the country of Palau commemorates 500 years of Bavarian Purity Law – a law created to regulate the ingredients of beer to ensure quality. This coin sports a beautiful colorized finish, and with its proof like finish, it really does look like a beer cap! With the low worldwide mintage of 2,500 and an amazingly innovative design, it is no wonder that there are only a few coins left for sale at the Mint’s website.

9. Domed Northern Sky Coins from the Royal Australian Mint

Domed Northern Sku Shaped CoinThe Royal Australian Mint released their own odd-shaped coins with the release of the Southern Sky coin series back in 2012. These coin were struck with an extremely high-quality dome shape, to represent the night sky. These coins were issued with various constellations in the southern sky portrayed on their concave reverse sides, with beautiful colorization and embossment. This series was immensely popular among collectors, and coins sold out very quickly upon their release. This series was so popular in fact, that the Royal Australian Mint continued with a Northern Sky coin series! The first release was the Northern Sky Cassiopeia coin, and despite popularity following the success of the first series, a few are still available to purchase at MCM. The next release in the Northern Sky Coin series commemorates Ursa Major and will be coming soon to MCM! This series is expected to be very popular, so act quickly to secure yours upon their arrival!


The envelope of numismatic excellence is being pushed further every day by the above-mentioned Mints and many other numismatic organizations around the world. These companies invent new ways to astonish numismatists with their designs and their skill. And when new, unique coins like these are issued, you can be sure ModernCoinMart will carry them!

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