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Top 5 Most Popular RCM Coin Series

Top 5 Most Popular RCM Coin Series
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 07-29-2016

The Royal Canadian Mint is a powerful name in the numismatic industry. Over the years, they have produced a large number of very high-quality coins that have proven to be very popular. ModernCoinMart has made certain to have these coins available, and we are always keeping an eye out for the latest Canadian coins to add to our collection.

Top 5 Most Popular RCM Series

Five of the Most Popular Series from the Royal Canadian Mint

As one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s (RCM) largest distributors, ModernCoinMart (MCM) carries an extensive range of Canadian bullion and collector coins. To help familiarize buyers with what MCM has to offer in this area, it is useful to highlight five of the most popular series of numismatic coins from the Canadian Mint. Except for a few clad quarters, all of these boast the Royal Canadian Mint’s high standard for pure silver - .9999 fine.

1. Maple Leaf Coins

2016 Canada $50 5 oz. Proof Silver Murano Glass Maple Leaf - Autumn RadianceAs any collector of Canadian Coins will know, a list featuring popular Canadian Coins has a special place reserved at the top just for Maple Leaf coins. In addition to the Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins the Mint is so well-known for, there are some very beautiful Maple Leaf-themed issues designed for collectors and issued in very limited numbers.

One example of these collector’s Maple Leaf coins currently available at MCM is the 2016 Autumn Radiance coin. Struck out of 5 oz. of .9999 pure silver, this large coin features an insert of a colored Maple Leaf made out of Italian Murano glass. This coin has a very limited mintage of just 2,000, and was sold out at the RCM very quickly.

This issue is the largest Murano glass sculpture coin ever produced by the Mint. Its stunning design created by artist Lisa Thompson-Kahn truly displays the radiant colors of autumn through the deep red and yellow colors of the Murano glass. It is sure to remain a favorite with collectors for years to come.

Additionally, MCM carries the very popular and very unique Maple Leaf-shaped coins. The Maple Leaf-shaped coins began in from 2015 with a proof silver coin, and have just continued in 2016 with a colorized proof silver coin. This Maple Leaf-shaped coin will continue in 2016 with a ½ oz. Silver Maple Leaf-shaped coin commemorating Canadian Geese and a 1 oz. .9999 gold Maple Leaf-Shaped coin meant to show the pure form of nature.

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Coins

2016 Canada $30 2 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Glow in the Dark - Northern Lights Canadian coins that glow in the dark are also very popular, with numerous releases from the RCM. They are actually the first World Mint to create a glow-in-the-dark coin. One of these coins, the very popular Northern Lights 2 oz. Colorized Proof Silver coin, is currently available at MCM. The coin shows an image of the Aurora Borealis which glow beautifully if the coin is viewed in a dark location. It was another quick seller at the RCM, so make sure to grab what we have before it’s gone!

The 2016 Universe coin is another Canadian Glow-in-the-dark coin currently carried by MCM. This stunning coin shows an observatory in British Columbia against the sky.  That coin has a hand sculpted borosilicate glass insert with a radio wave inside it. The sky part of the coin lights up in the dark so that the radio waves are highlighted. This is part of an ongoing series, assuring more glow-in-the-dark coin in the future!

3. Superman Coins

A third popular series is the many Superman coins issued from the RCM. Ever since they obtained the copyright for creating DC Comics themed coins, a plethora of Superman coins have been issued by the RCM. These Canadian coins hark back to Superman’s creation – the co-creator of the comic, Joe Shuster, was a Canadian.

2016 Canada $20 1/4 oz. Specimen Silver Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeMCM has carried a wide range of Superman-themed coins issued over the past few years, including 2015 colorized 1 and ½ oz. silver coins that feature iconic comic book cover images. What we carry the most of, however, is Batman V Superman coins based off of the recent film! These Batman V Superman coins were all created in 2016, and they feature not only Superman, but also Batman and Wonder Woman.

  • The first of these coins is a $20 ¼ oz. silver coin showing Superman fighting an armored Batman. Despite the small size of the coin, the detailed design and specimen finish give this coin a grand appearance.
  • The second is actually a series of $10 ½ oz. silver coins with Colorized Proof finishes. This began with a coin showing the Superman V Batman insignia, and went on with another 3 coins showing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
  • The third is a $20 1 oz. Colorized Proof silver coin showing the 3 heroes from the film with a unique shattered glass design.
  • The fourth is a large $30 2 oz. Colorized Proof silver coin, like the 1 oz. coin, shows the 3 heroes in 3 separate images. The field of the coin is made up of a texture with a shattered glass appearance.
  • The fifth is a very unique clad quarter. This quarter, despite its lack-luster metal composition, has a splendid lenticular design that switches between a design of Superman or Batman. Unfortunately, this coin is currently sold out at MCM.

Additionally, a 1 oz. .9999 fine silver Superman bullion coin has been issued with the direct size and weight of a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin. This coin, however, shows an image of Superman's emblem on the obverse. A great way for Superman films to stack silver, eh?

Every one of these coins carries exceptionally high-quality designs that shows the incredible RCM to still be a powerhouse in the numismatic industry!

4. Star Trek Coins

2016 Canada $20 1 oz. Colorized Proof Silver Star Trek - Enterprise A fourth popular collector coin series from the RCM celebrates the golden anniversary of the iconic TV series that debuted on September 1966 - Star Trek. To mark the 50th anniversary of this popular sci-fi TV series, the RCM issued an extensive series of coins with something for every budget and taste. MCM currently has most of these coins in-stock, and will be getting the rest upon their release. These Star Trek coins were obtained with the elusive First Day of Issue label.

  • The first is a $20 ¼ oz. silver coin that depicts the U.S.S. Enterprise. This stunning coin has a specimen finish, and was issued by the RCM with a limit of 5 per household.
  • The second is the first in a series of $20 1 oz. silver coins meant to honor iconic moments of the TV series. It commemorates a scene from the first episode, Mudd. There will be three more coins in this series.
  • The third is the first in a series using $10 ½ oz. silver coins to commemorate four key members of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew. The first of these coins will commemorate Captain Kirk. Three more coins will be released in this series.
  • The fourth is a unique delta-shaped coin made to look just like the original Star-Trek insignia! This coin will be struck with two different compositions - 1 oz. silver and 1/2 oz. gold. The gold coin proved to be very popular, and was sold out from the Mint not long after it was released. Not surprising, considering it had a mintage of only 1,500 coins! These coins will not be shipping until September, and MCM will make them available then.

5. Wildlife Coins

2016 Canada $10 1/2 oz. Proof Silver Reflections of Wildlife - OtterFinally, we come to the Royal Canadian Mint’s wide variety of wildlife coins. For many years, the RCM has issued a number of coins with a variety of finishes depicting the many animals found throughout Canada. From Canadian symbols such as the Moose, Beaver, or Canadian Geese, to more obscure species of migrating birds, these coins have proven to be very popular.

While many of the backdate issues of these coins from the RCM are no longer available at MCM, plenty are still available for purchase. Check out our vast inventory, and see if there are any that catch your eye. More are released every month, and a collection would practically form itself!

These are just some of the great collector coins from Canada that MCM offers. Each one features distinctive designs, top-notch craftsmanship, world class minting, and memorable designs and themes. With free, fast shipping, MCM is your headquarters for purchasing the coins of Canada. Take a look, and see what we have to offer to your collection!

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