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The Australian Koala Series Celebrates 10 Years!

The Australian Koala Series Celebrates 10 Years!
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Author Name: Oleg Zamansky
Posted: 01-06-2016

Since its debut in 2007, the Australian Koala bullion coin has been very popular in the numismatic community. What will 2016 bring for this popular coin? 


The Silver Koala: A National Symbol

2016 1 oz. Silver Koala reverseThe Koala, or as it is popularly known, the Koala Bear, is a herbivorous marsupial native to Australia that is hugely popular with tourists worldwide. This small "bear" is so popular that it is now the national symbol of the continent of Australia.

With such popularity, it is no surprise that the Perth Mint has used it as the reverse design to a very popular bullion series back in 2007. The Silver Koala debuted with high silver content, a high quality design, and a stunning finish. This from one of the most esteemed Mints in the world soon made this bullion coin very popular among collectors! 

Perth Mint Silver Koala Bullion Series

The Perth Mint (Gold Corporation and its subsidiaries) started with the founding of the Perth branch of Britain's Royal Mint in 1899. The Perth Mint remained under British domain until 1970 when its ownership passed to the Government of Western Australia. Perth Mint now stands as a powerhouse in the Numismatic industry, with new collectors releases every day.

In 2007, the Perth Mint decided to produce silver bullion coins that feature the Koala Bear. In a brilliant move, the Perth Mint made the decision to change this design annually! As well, they boasted multiple finishes and a very high quality finish for the business strike. Despite its high silver content, the quality of this coin along with its premiums assures that this coin shows that it makes just as fine of a collector's coin as a stacker's!

What's in store for 2016?

For the 2016 year, the Perth Mint has produced another superb milestone of numismatic excellence by producing a 2016 1 oz. Silver Koala NGC gradedstunning Koala design for the bullion, proof and high relief strikes. In 2016, for the first time ever, the Perth Mint has limited the mintage of these coins to 300,000 coins. The 2016 obverse design features a Koala walking along a branch of a eucalyptus tree. The inscription “AUSTRALIAN KOALA” is present at the top of this design. The year-date “2016” and the amount and purity of silver “1 oz 999 SILVER” encircle this design at the bottom. Additionally, the Perth Mint’s mint mark “P” is present on the right side of this design. The reverse contains the profile of Queen Elizabeth II with the country of origin “AUSTRALIA” located on the right side, and the denomination “1 DOLLAR” is located at the bottom of this design. These coins feature a serrated-edge design, which is done for the purpose of deterring counterfeiters.

The Australian Koala coins feature outstanding minting quality and purity produced by one of the oldest and most innovative minting companies in the world – the Perth Mint. These coins are designed using the business strike method (in certified terms this means Mint State), but are struck to such perfection that these coins actually have mirrored fields in the background, which is a quality usually attributed to proof coins. Additionally, these amazing coins are backed by the government of the Australia to be legal tender at its face value. Today, these incredible low mintage coins are available for purchase from ModernCoinMart (MCM) in various quantities, including single round, lot of 5 or 10 coins, roll of 20 coins, or even a monster box of 100 coins (5 rolls of 20 coins). This coin series is extremely popular for both silver investors who are trying to protect their wealth by using silver as a method of currency protection and numismatic coin collectors, alike. These fantastic designs are true numismatic works of art.

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