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MCM's Second Release in the African Lion Series Is Here!

MCM's Second Release in the African Lion Series Is Here!
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Author Name: Oleg Zamansky
Posted: 01-19-2016

The African Lion coins series, exclusive to ModernCoinMart, has been met with high demand from the numismatic community. With the 2015 release being completely sold out, the 2016 release brings much excitement. This article explores the changes this series will see in 2016. 

African Lion Coin Series

The African Lion Coin series began in 2015, with the first issue from the country of Burundi. This coin was struck with proof, brilliant uncirculated, colorized, and gilt finishes. These coins are comprised of 1 full Troy oz. of .999 silver, or, as it is known, 99.9% fine silver. In 2016, this series continues with the fantastic release from the Republic of Congo. This series is exclusive to ModernCoinMart. While the 2015 release is completely sold out, the 2016 release is now available.

The Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo is a country located in Central Africa, with its capital - Brazzaville - located on the Congo River in the south of the country. This area came under French sovereignty in 1880 and became known first as French Congo. As a result, the primary language of Congo is French. The Republic of the Congo received full independence from France on August 15, 1960. The Republic of the Congo contains untapped base metal, gold, silver, iron and phosphate deposits. This country is truly rich with numerous resources.

African Lions

The African Lion is a commonly used term that collectively denotes several subspecies of lions that are found in Africa today. Most lions now live in eastern and southern Africa, and their numbers there are rapidly decreasing, with an estimated 30 - 50% decline per 20 years in the late half of the twentieth century. It is estimated that the African lion population ranges between 16,500 and 47,000 living in the wild, where males seldom live longer than 10 to 14 years, due to numerous injuries sustained from constant fighting with rival males, which greatly reduces their longevity. Truly a magnificent species, the male African Lions are widely recognized by their mane. The face of an African Lion is one of the most widely recognized animal symbols in the human culture.

2016 African Lion Coin Series

For 2016, the African Lion Coin series comes from Congo and is another superb milestone of numismatic excellence as these coins are produced with the amazing proof strike. 2016 is very special, as the mintage of these coins has been limited to 1,000 coins worldwide. The 2016 obverse design features a lion and lioness prowling on the hunt for their next meal and scouring the plains. The inscription “AFRICAN LION” is present at the top right side of this design. The reverse contains the coat of arms of the Republic of Congo, the country of origin “Republique Du Congo” located at the top, the denomination “5000 FRANCS” located at the bottom left, the date “2016” located at the bottom, and the amount and purity of silver “1 oz 999 Silver” located at the bottom right side of this design. The edge for each of these coins features a serrated design, which is done for the purpose of deterring counterfeiters.

The Congo Silver African Lion coins feature outstanding minting quality and purity and are designed using the proof strike method, as they are struck to such perfection that these coins actually have mirrored fields in the background. Additionally, these coins are backed by the Republic of Congo to be legal tender at its face value of 5000 Francs. Today, these low mintage coins are available for purchase from ModernCoinMart. Various options include the single GEM Proof in the original Mint capsule, the GEM Proof in the display box, Proof 69 Ultra Cameo, and Proof 70 Ultra Cameo.

Having these coins certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) provides a further guarantee of the coin's weight, purity, and overall quality - adding a factor of collectibility to these unique coins. The certified coins are securely protected in the NGC plastic holder – the same technology that is used for the protection of some of the greatest coins in the world today, including the Smithsonian Institution. For the coins certified with Proof 70 Ultra Cameo grade, NGC guarantees that this coin has no post-production imperfections at five times the magnification. This is a major factor for collectors everywhere.

Furthermore, on all NGC certified coins, a very special and exclusive label – African Lion Series Label – is available for these coins only at the ModernCoinMart. This coin series is extremely limited as the mintage for these coins has been set at only 1,000 coins worldwide. This results in a very small supply for the extremely large demand of numerous numismatists today. To add another level of collectibility to these coins, the populations for these coins is significantly smaller than their original mintage figure, and this factor limits the number of coins that are struck in the perfect grade. All of these factors clearly demonstrate the tremendous value of these coins and quick sell out that will occur once these coins are released for sale to the general public. 

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About The Author

Oleg Zamansky Oleg Zamansky is the President and CEO of Coin Maestro, LLC and is an expert in foreign coins, paper money, medals, and sets. Oleg's coin career started in 1983 when his great-grandmother gave him his first foreign coin - 1 Israeli Shequel and ever since, his numismatic journey began. According to Mr. Zamansky, "Due to frequent volatile markets, people need to secure their investments and numismatics is the best way. Coin collecting is the most educating, investment protective business today, and also quite fun." Mr. Zamansky graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2001, became a partner at RINA Systems, LLC in 2005, and holds a 3rd degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Today, he is a member of the American Numismatic Association and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. Currently, Mr. Zamansky resides with his family in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a contributing writer for ModernCoinMart. His thoughts and opinions may not be shared with MCM or its staff.

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