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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Coins

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Coins
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Author Name: Louis Golino
Posted: 05-06-2016

Are you a Star Trek fan? Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the sci-fi classic with these beautiful coins released by the Perth Mint and soon the Royal Canadian Mint! ModernCoinMart has carried every Star Trek coin so far, and will continue to do so!

50th anniversary of Star Trek

On September 8, 1966 NBC debuted a weekly science fiction television series called Star Trek that was created by Gene Roddenberry. The show featured a crew led by Captain James Tiberius Kirk played by actor William Shatner, who were part of Starfleet Command. They traveled aboard U.S.S. Enterprise, an interstellar starship that explored the galaxy and its numerous planets.  They were dispatched from earth as part of the United Federation of Planets to explore the diverse world of the 23rd century.

Though not initially very successful, the series eventually achieved true cult status and became one of the most successful television and movie franchises of all time. The series also had a significant impact on modern culture and society with such innovations as communicators that resemble today’s flip cellphones to virtual reality and others.  More broadly, it helped increase interest in space exploration and the space program, probably even the study of astronomy, science, and cosmology.

To mark the 50th anniversary of this iconic television series, a series of celebratory events will be held this year, including a 100-city concert tour, art exhibits, a convention in Las Vegas, and a new movie in July, among others. Star Trek fans are known for their remarkable loyalty, and these programs are intended to honor the fans and create interesting experiences for them.  For more information, see www.startrek.com.

Perth Mint’s Star Trek Coin Series

Last year the Perth Mint in Western Australia launched a series of 1 oz. silver colorized proof coins about both the original television series and the four successor series that are issued under the legal authority of Tuvalu. These coins were divided into five groups which each depict the captain and the spaceship associated with that particular series.  Each coin had a mintage of just 6,500 coins and most sold out quickly.

The coins were issued both individually in round display cases with a mintage of 5,000 coins that light up when opened as well as in two-coin sets limited to 1,500 each that come in an innovative package that resembles a Star Trek transporter that also lights up when a button is pressed. These sets were especially popular with collectors and sold quickly.

The most popular coins from that series were the coins depicting Capt. Kirk and Spock and their spaceship, the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701). Spock was part human and part Vulcan and was the science officer and first officer in the original series, played by Leonard Nimoy, the most beloved actor from the original series.

MCM still has a number of these coins available graded by NGC as well as one of the two-coin transporter sets.

Latinum Slip

On May 3 Perth is releasing another coin, one that is highly original in both shape and concept, which honors the Deep Space Nine Star Trek series.  It is the 1 oz.- silver gold-pressed latinum slip, a gold-plated silver bar, with a maximum mintage of only 5,000 coins. 

In Deep Space Nine latinum was a rare silver-colored liquid that was extremely valuable and was prized by many civilizations within the Alpha Quadrant, especially the Ferengi Alliance. This was a group of planets to the northeast of the Federation that played a prominent role in the economy of the quadrant.  Since latinum was a liquid, it had to be suspended within another substance so that it could be used as a physical form of currency for trade purposes.  To do this the latinum was suspended within gold and gold dust. 

There were various denominations of gold-pressed latinum. The smallest denomination was the slip, which is the denomination of the new Perth coin.  Larger denominations included the strip, bar, and brick, and a gold-pressed bar was equal to 20 strips or 2,000 slips.

These coins come in a wooden case with a certificate of authenticity.  Like the other Perth Star Trek coins the slip is an officially licensed product. In addition, Perth is also releasing in May two special Star Trek stamp and coin covers – one is for Spock and the other is for the U.S. Enterprise. Canada also recently released stamps honoring Capt. Kirk and his starship.

Future Star Trek Coin Releases

The best part about collecting Star Trek coin now is that there are more coins on the way! The Perth Mint plans to release additional coins to mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, but there are no details at this time on those coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing an impressive line-up of coins to mark the golden anniversary of Star Trek. The coins include a $20, 1-oz. colored proof coin that depicts the U.S.S. Enterprise, the spaceship from the original television series, and it will have a mintage of 11,500 coins. It uses color to recreate a scene from the 1968 episode, I, Mudd.  

There is also a quarter-ounce silver coin from the Mint's $20 face value series that also depicts the U.S.S. Enterprise and has a mintage of 300,000 coins.

Then there is a $10 proof series of four half-ounce silver coins that begins with one for Capt. Kirk and continues every three months with three more coins depicting important characters from the original series. These coins have a mintage of 12,500 pieces each.

Finally, there is a stamp and coin set that includes a nickel-plated steel quarter showing the original spaceship plus three accompanying stamps that were just released all in one blister pack.

These coins are sure to be a big hit with the legions of Star Trek fans and world coin collectors all over the world! MCM will carry all of these great coins!

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